Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires bala...

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A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Work From Home Policy at Your Law Firm

As 2023 begins, it’s important to make sure your policies are up to date and still relevant for the COVID-normal workplace. Since the beginning of 2020, the benefits of remote working for employee wel...

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Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires balancing incessant deadlines, long hours, a...

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4 Best Practices to Improve Law Firm Financial Management

As a lawyer, developing an understanding of the fundamentals of firm financial management will ensure that your law firm is on the path to economic growth.

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Law Firm Invoicing: Best Practices for 2023

Getting invoicing right is one of the fundamentals of running a business, but it can be a time-consuming and detailed process. As 2023 approaches, here’s how you can improve your law firm’s billing pr...

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October 17 2022

Buying a Law Firm: 6 Pointers for Success

So you have decided to buy a law firm.

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5 Value-Adding Practices to Retain Lawyer-Client Relationships

Clients are the heart of a successful law practice and attracting, engaging, and retaining clients with a more personalised, consultative approach is key.

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September 14 2022

Actionstep Acquires Legal Software Company LawMaster

Combined businesses focus on practice management technology needs of mid-market law firms Actionstep, the cloud-based practice management platform for law firms, announces that it has acquired the leg...

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5 Signs Your Legal Practice Needs Management Software

When you run a law firm, you move from the role of a practitioner to a business owner and vice versa. Being responsible for the business as a whole uses a lot of time you could spend bringing clients ...

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The Future of Remote Work in the Legal Industry

The workplace has changed drastically since 2020, and it’s clear remote work is here to stay.

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Get On Top of Your Law Firm's Financial Management

Is it time to re-evaluate your law firm’s finances? As your firm grows and evolves, it’s easy to get complacent, but don’t neglect your financial processes when they’re due for a refresher.

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July 25 2022

Practice Management 2030: What to Expect in Coming Years

Practice management has evolved a great deal in the past few decades. It has gone from handling everything manually to getting tasks done with the click of a button using software like LawMaster.

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July 18 2022

A Conversation With ... Simon and Paul Nunan

Today we meet with Simon and Paul Nunan, Directors of Eastern Bridge. Welcome, Simon and Paul, and thank you for speaking with LawMaster.

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Why Legal Document Management Systems Are a Perfect Fit For Hybrid Law Firms

Law firms generate a vast amount of paperwork. A typical day in a law firm involves the manual creation and review of documents. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable, especially for hybrid law firms...

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What Law Firms Can Do to Avoid Lawyer Burnout: The Case for Flexible Working Policies

There have been a lot of conversations about “The Great Resignation” in the media lately, although it may seem to have impacted Australia less than countries like the U.S. due to our unique position d...

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May 26 2022

5 Ways to Use Cloud-Based Law Firm Software to Your Advantage.

What Does Cloud-Based Really Mean? Practically speaking, cloud-based means that storage, data, software and other computing functions are typically hosted in a central data centre, rather than locally...

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May 11 2022

LawMaster's Biggest Morning Tea

Together, we can help Cancer Council raise much-needed funds that will go towards vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs and advocacy.

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April 21 2022

What Does a "Data-Driven" Law Firm Really Look Like?

Even firms that embrace data-driven practices are still in the infancy of comprehending the data-driven what, how, and why.

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April 13 2022

How Law Firms Can Navigate the Great Resignation

Remote working through the pandemic allowed us to appreciate a new way of working that saved time on travelling and gave us more time to connect with family and friends. Employees had a chance to reev...

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March 30 2022

A Conversation with... Ben Gouldson

Today we meet with Ben Gouldson, Managing Director and one of the Founding Partners of Clifford Gouldson Lawyers. Welcome Ben, and thank you for speaking with LawMaster.

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March 22 2022

Technology Trends Every Lawyer Should Know in 2022

Below we've listed technology trends positively impacting the legal industry in 2022.

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March 03 2022

How to Attract Top Legal Talent to Your Firm

Let’s look at a few ways your firm can solve these challenges to attract top legal talent and retain them for years to come.

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February 17 2022

Practice Management Bootcamp: 5 Steps to Improve Firm Performance

As you grow, your practice management processes must help your legal firm to retain security, cost-effective operations, legal authority, and quality in terms of legal solutions. You want to improve t...

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February 08 2022

Is Your Law Firm's Onboarding Process Up to Scratch?

If you're going to get it right, you want to give yourself every advantage you can. Software designed specifically for legal firms, including options directly involved with new client onboarding, can ...

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February 02 2022

A Conversation with...Kylie Devney

Kylie, welcome to the first of our 'A Conversation with' series. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

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January 11 2022

Knowledge Management Software: What Does Your Law Firm Need?

There are reference materials necessary before and during trial, precedents need to be readily available, research is key to any case, and all these things shouldn't be hard for your firm to manage.

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December 17 2021

How to Assess an Enterprise Legal Management Solution

Time considerations, software limitations, competitive viability, overall productivity, the cost of securing IT service after a given software has reached EOL (End Of Life); all these things combine t...

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December 02 2021

New Year, New Firm? How to Grow Your Practice in 2022

Good data helps you more efficiently manage financial resources and your legal practice overall, and legal software can be integral in helping your practice both acquire and manage this data.

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November 12 2021

Strategies to Help Your Law Firm Attract Top Legal Support Staff

Finding quality support staff for your law firm can be a challenge, though currently there is hardly a lack of talent in the pool. Despite there being a wealth of talent currently seeking jobs, law fi...

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October 21 2021

How Can Law Firms Retain Top Performing Staff?

Law practice is a human resource-intensive business. A firm's lawyers and the staff who support them are its primary asset. Which is why it is critical for law firms to retain top performing lawyers a...

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October 12 2021

Common Mistakes When Procuring Legal Software

Legal software can transform your business if it’s the right software for your firm. And that’s where organisations often run into trouble.

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September 24 2021

5 Ways Legal Document Automation Can Improve Your Efficiency

When it comes to law, there’s one thing that takes up the most time of all: paperwork.

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September 14 2021

How to Improve Your Firm’s Matter Management System

Matter management refers to all of a legal firm’s internal and external activities. That covers just about everything from issue management, contract lifecycle management, outside counsel management a...

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August 26 2021

5 Reasons a Document Management System is Better than Backups

A law firm's IT landscape is made of dozens of individual and interwoven components. There's your physical network made up of employee work stations, routers, gateways, servers, and cables.

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August 19 2021

Data Management and the Future for Law Practice

If you aren't utilising data correctly, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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August 05 2021

Law Practice Management Software: When 'Good Enough' Really Isn't

A good example for this is transport. For the vast majority of commuters, there is no need to spend the money on a brand-new Ferrari when a used Hyundai will serve the same purpose: moving passengers ...

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July 29 2021

5 Ways to Introduce Smart Automation to Your Law Firm

Instead of extending your work day or hiring a junior employee to handle repetitive tasks, consider automating your everyday activities with legal software. In this article, we’ll look at five ways yo...

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How to master internal communication in your legal team

Mastering your firm's internal communication practices is essential if your goal is to boost efficiency in the workplace.

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July 12 2021

Lawyers and Cyber Security

The significance of Cyber Security is undeniable, and the Information Security risk considerations should excogitate beyond noticing them as an ‘IT Issue’. This article will mainly focus on what Lawye...

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July 07 2021

Wellness and the Legal Field

The legal field is intensely stressful and with the financial year coming to an end and starting up again this is a good time to consider how much attention you're paying to your wellness.

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June 09 2021

Why Cloud Storage is Superior to Physical Storage

If you've been in law practice for a long time, chances are you've dealt with huge files that are vital for your daily operations. The trouble of finding a single document from a cabinet full of paper...

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June 02 2021

Does your legal software help you manage performance?

As a lawyer, you know how much work you do, it's a lot. However, it can be hard to get a good overview of what you've been working on. Timesheets can be good for review, but combing back through them ...

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May 26 2021

Can All of a Lawyer's Job be Automated?

So can it? Let's jump to the point, simply put, no. The age of AI and automation has brought with it concerns, regarding job security amongst not only workers in factories where tasks are repeatable, ...

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May 19 2021

Australian Digital Technology Awards 2021

The Digital Technology awards are a submission-based awards program combined with a large, cross-industry brand performance survey that recognises both leading and up-and-coming digital businesses acr...

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May 13 2021

Implement Systematic Workflows for Greater Law Firm Efficiency

Have you found that you're becoming busier and busier? You're not the only one, but if you use workflows effectively you can can mitigate some of the extra strain you're being put under.

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May 06 2021

Five Benefits of Automating your Processes with Legal Software

Running a law firm is a fulfilling but difficult task. Each matter, simple as it may be, brings a labyrinth of steps which, if not followed, open a world of inefficiency, clientele dissatisfaction, an...

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April 29 2021

3 Key Strategies to Help Ensure Success for Your Legal Practice

Success is difficult to obtain in any industry. Between markets falling and rising, pressures from management, internal communication issues, and now a pandemic there are so many reasons that business...

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April 21 2021

A Few Ways to Improve the Profitability of Your Law Firm

Profits are the name of the game in business, and every owner loves making them. However, improving the profitability of a law firm is never easy and needs to be approached strategically.

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April 15 2021

Automating Your Law Firm

We're sure by now, you've all heard about automation. It has become a must-have tool across all industries, predominantly because it helps increase productivity by extracting those tedious, repetitive...

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April 08 2021

Is Your Law Firm a Place of Stress? Here's how to change that

Heavy workloads, tight deadlines, and certain character traits prevalent among lawyers and paralegals - namely perfectionism - all work together to make law offices places of stress, anxiety, and burn...

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March 31 2021

Investing in Legal Software Can Help Tackle Commercial Pressures

The practice of law is a business. Like all enterprises, no matter their size, law firms face daily commercial pressures, from staying competitive in their marketplace to avoiding unforced fiscal erro...

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March 24 2021

Getting Your Time (and Life) Back Using Legal Software

From meeting deadlines to filing pleadings and motions in court, lawyers face varied and unrelenting time pressures, many beyond their control.

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March 17 2021

How to improve your communication with clients

Sometimes legal clients can feel alienated from their lawyers because they don't know what's going on.

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March 11 2021

3 Factors Critical to Improving Law Firm Performance

What makes for a successful law firm? Is it talented lawyers? A diversity of practice areas? A high degree of specialisation? Loyal clients? A captive market?

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March 03 2021

How Going Paperless with Legal Software Can Help Your Firm

Some lawyers feel that legal practice will always require paper, we're here to tell you that it doesn't.

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February 24 2021

Some Simple Ways Lawyers Can Boost Their Productivity

A day in the life of a lawyer is often tedious, repetitive, and full of obligations that keep them tied up for a meaningful portion of the work hours and beyond.

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February 17 2021

Successful Law Firms Use Data-Driven Insight

yAt university, future lawyers learn the values and traditions of their chosen profession.

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February 10 2021

Could Your Firm Run Smoothly if a Key Employee Was Unable to Work?

Businesses the world over face "key person risk" – the danger that a key employee with specialised knowledge or skills will suddenly be unable to work, leaving the business struggling to continue its ...

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February 04 2021

Three Tips For Avoiding Common Client Complaints in Legal Practice

Lawyers the world over know the frustrations of enduring some unfortunate stereotypes about their chosen profession. It's not uncommon to hear business people make jokes and rueful comments about how ...

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January 28 2021

6 Ways Law Firm Workflow Management Benefits You and Your Team

Workflow is critical for any business, but it's particularly important for the legal industry. Large amounts of drafting and re-drafting alone make the process extremely arduous, not to mention having...

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January 20 2021

How to reach potential clients with tech-savvy law firm marketing

Like any industry, success in legal practice depends on generating new business. Just how to market firm services most effectively can pose a vexing question.

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January 13 2021

How to start the New Year right in your legal practice

Every year, we rush to finish the most important work before the holiday season. As the year ends, especially after the year we had, we sigh with relief and finally relax.

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December 16 2020

How to Implement Automated Workflows to Enhance Business Performance

There is a lot of talk about automated workflows but what are they, what do they do and how can you implement them in your legal practice? Workflow automation is the streamlining of processes and remo...

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December 09 2020

How Law Firms Can Help Their New Grads

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December 02 2020

Maintaining Work-Life Balance Approaching Years End

This strange year is coming to a close and with that comes a last push to finish off as much work as possible before the holidays. There are few professions that drive themselves to work so hard and s...

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November 11 2020

How to Choose the Right Legal Software for your Law Firm

Implementing a reliable and capable software system that is designed for the specialised needs of your law firm or legal department is a necessity to help manage the workload and services you offer. I...

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October 28 2020

How to Overcome Distractions in Your Law Firm

Distractions are an enemy to the progress of your law firm. Sadly, in a world where the average person can barely concentrate on their computer for more than 40 seconds without being distracted, distr...

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October 21 2020

Is Your Law Firm Spending Time Efficiently?

A law firm's objective is the same as any business; increase efficiency and by extension, profit margins. Sometimes their systems align with their goals, but most of the time they don't. Inefficiency ...

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October 07 2020

How Using Legal Search Tools Can Improve Your Practice

Time is a hot commodity in legal practice, and convenience is close behind. In an age where everything is becoming digital, it is increasingly important that you're able to use your time well and prov...

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September 30 2020

How to Effectively Manage Change In Your Legal Practice

One role that a law firm project manager must play is that of managing change. Any proposed change in the way a law firm operates will frequently meet with resistance from staff who are used to doing ...

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September 23 2020

How Becoming a Paperless Legal Practie Can Help Your Staff

Most law firms who are still working with paper documents have a collection of good reasons why it's never the right time to make the switch. To some it seems like an impossible task to get all their ...

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September 16 2020

Why Document Collaboration Capability Is Essential In Legal Practice

Sadly, this congruency in communication isn't always the case in some law firms.

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September 09 2020

How Integrated Timesheet Functionality Can Improve your Efficiency

For centuries, lawyers recorded their billable work by writing it down on paper timesheets. Though some lawyers developed a keen sixth sense for the passage of time over their careers (many did not), ...

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September 02 2020

The Benefits of Integrated Mobile Legal Apps

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August 19 2020

Improving Your Work-Life Balance

Remember those all-nighters which took you to an exam in which you could barely stay awake? Remember doing all this while working part or full time?

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August 05 2020

5 Tips for Organising Your Law Office

Staying organised is important no matter what your job may be. Working in law is no exception to this; in fact, it's even more important.

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July 15 2020

Making the Most of Video Meetings

However, it's reasonable to assume that many employees, clients, and business partners will still be working from home. Those back at work may still be limiting their in-person contacts.

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Finding the right legal business partner

They are not always close personal bonds, but they require a strong working relationship. With Covid restrictiosn lifting in most of the country, many people may be looking for a change or a fresh sta...

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June 17 2020

What You Might Not Know About Fluorescent Light

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June 10 2020

Do I Need to Change my Legal Practice Management System?

They have trained all their people on it and continued to pay the vendor an ongoing maintenance fee over the years. Over time, however, their vendor had little motivation to upgrade the product or sho...

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Becoming a Leader (Not Just a Lawyer) in Your Firm

If you endeavour to be a vital part of your law firm, and not merely a good lawyer, there are a few items you should consider.

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May 27 2020

Lawyer Burnout: Causes, Impacts, and How to Prevent It

According to research conducted by ANZ Meritas Survey lawyers have common experience with depression and anxiety with 60 percent of respondents saying they had experienced depression or knew someone i...

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May 20 2020

Preventing Billing Concerns and Errors in Your Legal Practice

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May 13 2020

Two Common Challenges Law Firms Face When Adopting Cloud Technology

Upgrading to the cloud can be intimidating and we have found there are two main challenges.

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April 29 2020

Using Inbox Zero to Master your Mail Box

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April 16 2020

5 Marketing and Business Development Strategies for Law Firms

What might these firms be doing wrong? Statistics from ALPMA in 2019 suggest that 43% of legal practices in Australia do not believe their firm has the ability and business development (BD) programs i...

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March 25 2020

Being successful with remote work

The work conducted at a law firm is vital and almost always time-sensitive. You need to ensure your staff are prepared to take on this workload when they are no longer working from the office. With th...

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March 18 2020

Having Tough Conversations With Clients

These conversations are not the easiest part of the legal profession and they may be more or less difficult depending upon where you are in your legal career. Lawyers that are building their reputatio...

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February 19 2020

Designing your law office with productivity in mind

That's why law firms are adopting better ways to utilise their work environment and enable their staff to accomplish both mission-critical and mundane tasks more efficiently.

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February 12 2020

Artificial Intelligence Simplified

In the other corner, there are naysayers who insist that it's imprudent to place our future in the hands of machines.

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January 22 2020

Does Flexible Work Suit Your Legal Practice?

Thanks to the advantages of technology, you have the ability to deliver more, better, and faster than ever before. Those advances in technology also offer a solution that many employees are eager to t...

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November 20 2019

How well are you dictating?

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October 23 2019

Integrating Your Devices with your Practice Management System.

This is especially true for anyone working in a law firm and is often away from the office for several hours at a time.

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October 16 2019

Fighting stress and improving mental health in your legal practice.

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October 09 2019

Are you Looking out for Your Team's Mental Health?

The practice of law comes with a tremendous amount of stress that has lawyers feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. Every action in the legal world has a very real and lasting impact on ...

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August 07 2019

Starting Your Own Law Firm? Let Our Experience Help.

Maybe you'd like to decide the work you do, instead of taking assignments from senior lawyers. Or perhaps you want to be able set your own schedule, have more meaningful contact with your clients, or ...

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July 31 2019

10 Times Remote Access to my Practice Management System Saved Me!

Everything you need is right there in your pocket. It makes file retrieval so much easier, and replaces the need to go into the office for every single thing.

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July 17 2019

So you Want to Work For an In-House Corporate Legal Team?

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July 11 2019

The Staffing Building Blocks

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July 03 2019

4 Ways to Become a More Effective Leader for Your Firm

Do you need to become a more effective leader for your law firm? Try some of these key strategies to improve your leadership skills and help your entire practice function more effectively.

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June 12 2019

How eSigning Can Save Your Firm Both Time and Money

It starts with drawing up the proper forms, and filling out your parts. Then you package the documents up, and hand them off to a courier service. That service gets the documents to your client, who t...

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May 08 2019

Getting Your Legal Team Back on Track After the Holidays

How do you get things moving smoothly again within your legal team? Try some of these key strategies.

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April 24 2019

Telecommuting Produces Happier, Healthier, and More Effective Employees

However, anyone who has worked as a lawyer for any length of time understands the demands it can make on your working hours and how sometimes things must be done, no matter what time it is. Having to ...

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March 20 2019

Why Lawyers Should Pay More Attention to Social Media

These stats likely come as no surprise to the countless lawyers who have embraced social media in their personal lives. But, as a whole, lawyers have been slower-than-average to adopt social media as ...

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March 06 2019

How Law Firms Can Help Graduate Lawyers Excel

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February 06 2019

Take a Breath Lawyers! Technology Can Be Your Friend.

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January 16 2019

Starting the New Year Right in Your Law Firm

You may have already made resolutions in your personal life, but have you made them for your firm? Try some of these ideas to get your year off on the right foot.

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December 19 2018

Use Technology to Improve Your Time Management

They are often up working before the sun rises and don't stop until long after it has set. This demanding schedule can be tough on their mental health. This negative impact on mental health and sleep ...

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November 28 2018

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Improve Profitability

The Need

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November 21 2018

How the Lighting in Your Office Affects Your Employees

Energy-saving bulbs have been all the rage in recent years and for good reason, they require less power to work and last considerably longer. However, there is a much more environmentally friendly sol...

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November 07 2018

How Focusing on Efficiency Can Lead to Higher Quality Work

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October 24 2018

Is the Traditional Lawyers Office Dead?

The Perception of the Lawyer

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October 17 2018

Does Your Multi Function Device Integrate with your Practice Management System?

One of the ways many law firms help to keep their operations balanced and organised is by having a Law Practice Management Software (PMS) in their office. A typical PMS helps with:

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October 10 2018

How To Improve Your Internal Communication Performance

Technology should be brought into the equation in order to help with improving your internal communication. This will allow you to eliminate the paper trail that may be slowing down some of your produ...

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September 26 2018

How a Smart Workplace Layout Can Improve Your Legal Firm's Productivity

Let's look at ways of improving your law office layout:

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September 05 2018

How Can Lawyers Best Discuss Fees with Clients?

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August 22 2018

How Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies May Challenge Law Firms

Lawyers who dismiss cryptocurrencies as a mere fad do so at considerable risk. Like it or not, these currencies, and even more importantly their underlying blockchain technology, have already embedded...

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July 31 2018

Mitigating Growing Pains When Implementing A New Practice Management Solution

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July 11 2018

So you Want to Work For an In-House Corporate Legal Team?

You don't have to worry about billable hours, and job stability can be higher. However, it can also have its challenges.

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July 04 2018

Mitigating Growing Pains When Implementing A New Practice Management Solution

However, when it comes time to change a legal practice management system, the very principles that are so important to law practice can also cause growing pains. To be sure, these pains fade — in our ...

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May 23 2018

Lawyers Work Smarter With Integrated Apps for Smartphones (and Tablets)!

In this article, we take a look at a few of the ways that phone and tablet-based apps are changing and improving the way lawyers work, and how LawMaster's iBench app provides industry-leading features...

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Dashboard Delivers Valuable Real-Time Reporting

With the advent of law firm management software, particularly integrated software solutions like LawMaster's, reporting became significantly more timely. Firms could generate performance reports at th...

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Payroll Functionality: Essential to any Legal Practice Management Solution

In this article, we focus on the last step in the revenue cycle, payroll. At LawMaster, we understand the crucial and sometimes fraught role payroll management plays in your firm's operation. How a fi...

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April 18 2018

Is Your Law Practice Management System Giving You the Reports You Need?

When you move to a Practice Management System that is scalable to your firm's growth, you will have a more powerful reporting tool and command over this unstructured data. What type of PMS do you need...

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Does your PMS work for every Generation?

That being said, every legal organisation must find new ways to be efficient in order to control overhead costs or it will not be profitable for the partners who own shares in the practice. We wrote t...

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March 08 2018

Why should my DMS be integrated?

A DMS is not just a file storage area to place documents. A DMS is not Dropbox or a shared network drive. A good DMS helps law firms organise, annotate, search, retrieve and share documents.

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March 05 2018

How Lawyers are Adapting to Artificial Intelligence

In fact, according to industry experts, the idea of automating some aspects of a lawyer's job is popular, but we are far removed from the concept of an AI lawyer working cases from start to finish.

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February 28 2018

Making a Case for Switching to Workflow Automation

One of the ways in which today's lawyer can benefit from the advances in digital bookkeeping and record management is through the use of workflow automation. Workflow automation is a computerised syst...

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February 13 2018

Cloud or Web Based? Aren't They the Same Thing?

Web-based interfaces do have the advantage of working well across multiple devices, but they are not the same as cloud services and should not be confused with them. True cloud services are when your ...

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February 09 2018

10 Reasons Your Staff Want to Go Paperless

Let us take a moment to ease your worries. To start with, scanning may be a big task, but it's getting easier every day. Now, rather than carefully placing every single document on a scanner, you can ...

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February 07 2018

5 Reasons to Move Your Law Firm's Documents to the Cloud - Part 2

Last time we started with the purely physical benefits of not having to handle, store, and file all that actual paper along with the convenience of accessing your documents from anywhere with internet...

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February 07 2018

5 Reasons to Move Your Law Firm's Documents to the Cloud - Part 1

The good news for everyone is that there's a new way to handle your law firm's documents that's not only safe from coffee stains and rain storms, it can also streamline workflow and allow you to acces...

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