Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires bala...

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Why Legal Document Management Systems Are a Perfect Fit For Hybrid Law Firms

Law firms generate a vast amount of paperwork. A typical day in a law firm involves the manual creation and review of documents. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable, especially for hybrid law firms...

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January 11 2022

Knowledge Management Software: What Does Your Law Firm Need?

There are reference materials necessary before and during trial, precedents need to be readily available, research is key to any case, and all these things shouldn't be hard for your firm to manage.

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August 26 2021

5 Reasons a Document Management System is Better than Backups

A law firm's IT landscape is made of dozens of individual and interwoven components. There's your physical network made up of employee work stations, routers, gateways, servers, and cables.

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March 03 2021

How Going Paperless with Legal Software Can Help Your Firm

Some lawyers feel that legal practice will always require paper, we're here to tell you that it doesn't.

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September 23 2020

How Becoming a Paperless Legal Practie Can Help Your Staff

Most law firms who are still working with paper documents have a collection of good reasons why it's never the right time to make the switch. To some it seems like an impossible task to get all their ...

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September 16 2020

Why Document Collaboration Capability Is Essential In Legal Practice

Sadly, this congruency in communication isn't always the case in some law firms.

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July 31 2019

10 Times Remote Access to my Practice Management System Saved Me!

Everything you need is right there in your pocket. It makes file retrieval so much easier, and replaces the need to go into the office for every single thing.

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Does your PMS work for every Generation?

That being said, every legal organisation must find new ways to be efficient in order to control overhead costs or it will not be profitable for the partners who own shares in the practice. We wrote t...

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March 08 2018

Why should my DMS be integrated?

A DMS is not just a file storage area to place documents. A DMS is not Dropbox or a shared network drive. A good DMS helps law firms organise, annotate, search, retrieve and share documents.

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February 09 2018

10 Reasons Your Staff Want to Go Paperless

Let us take a moment to ease your worries. To start with, scanning may be a big task, but it's getting easier every day. Now, rather than carefully placing every single document on a scanner, you can ...

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