Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires bala...

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March 22 2022

Technology Trends Every Lawyer Should Know in 2022

Below we've listed technology trends positively impacting the legal industry in 2022.

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August 19 2021

Data Management and the Future for Law Practice

If you aren't utilising data correctly, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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August 05 2021

Law Practice Management Software: When 'Good Enough' Really Isn't

A good example for this is transport. For the vast majority of commuters, there is no need to spend the money on a brand-new Ferrari when a used Hyundai will serve the same purpose: moving passengers ...

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June 09 2021

Why Cloud Storage is Superior to Physical Storage

If you've been in law practice for a long time, chances are you've dealt with huge files that are vital for your daily operations. The trouble of finding a single document from a cabinet full of paper...

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May 06 2021

Five Benefits of Automating your Processes with Legal Software

Running a law firm is a fulfilling but difficult task. Each matter, simple as it may be, brings a labyrinth of steps which, if not followed, open a world of inefficiency, clientele dissatisfaction, an...

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November 11 2020

How to Choose the Right Legal Software for your Law Firm

Implementing a reliable and capable software system that is designed for the specialised needs of your law firm or legal department is a necessity to help manage the workload and services you offer. I...

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July 15 2020

Making the Most of Video Meetings

However, it's reasonable to assume that many employees, clients, and business partners will still be working from home. Those back at work may still be limiting their in-person contacts.

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May 13 2020

Two Common Challenges Law Firms Face When Adopting Cloud Technology

Upgrading to the cloud can be intimidating and we have found there are two main challenges.

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February 12 2020

Artificial Intelligence Simplified

In the other corner, there are naysayers who insist that it's imprudent to place our future in the hands of machines.

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November 28 2018

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Improve Profitability

The Need

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August 22 2018

How Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies May Challenge Law Firms

Lawyers who dismiss cryptocurrencies as a mere fad do so at considerable risk. Like it or not, these currencies, and even more importantly their underlying blockchain technology, have already embedded...

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February 13 2018

Cloud or Web Based? Aren't They the Same Thing?

Web-based interfaces do have the advantage of working well across multiple devices, but they are not the same as cloud services and should not be confused with them. True cloud services are when your ...

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February 07 2018

5 Reasons to Move Your Law Firm's Documents to the Cloud - Part 2

Last time we started with the purely physical benefits of not having to handle, store, and file all that actual paper along with the convenience of accessing your documents from anywhere with internet...

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February 07 2018

5 Reasons to Move Your Law Firm's Documents to the Cloud - Part 1

The good news for everyone is that there's a new way to handle your law firm's documents that's not only safe from coffee stains and rain storms, it can also streamline workflow and allow you to acces...

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