Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires bala...

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5 Value-Adding Practices to Retain Lawyer-Client Relationships

Clients are the heart of a successful law practice and attracting, engaging, and retaining clients with a more personalised, consultative approach is key.

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5 Signs Your Legal Practice Needs Management Software

When you run a law firm, you move from the role of a practitioner to a business owner and vice versa. Being responsible for the business as a whole uses a lot of time you could spend bringing clients ...

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Why Legal Document Management Systems Are a Perfect Fit For Hybrid Law Firms

Law firms generate a vast amount of paperwork. A typical day in a law firm involves the manual creation and review of documents. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable, especially for hybrid law firms...

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December 17 2021

How to Assess an Enterprise Legal Management Solution

Time considerations, software limitations, competitive viability, overall productivity, the cost of securing IT service after a given software has reached EOL (End Of Life); all these things combine t...

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September 14 2021

How to Improve Your Firm’s Matter Management System

Matter management refers to all of a legal firm’s internal and external activities. That covers just about everything from issue management, contract lifecycle management, outside counsel management a...

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March 24 2021

Getting Your Time (and Life) Back Using Legal Software

From meeting deadlines to filing pleadings and motions in court, lawyers face varied and unrelenting time pressures, many beyond their control.

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January 20 2021

How to reach potential clients with tech-savvy law firm marketing

Like any industry, success in legal practice depends on generating new business. Just how to market firm services most effectively can pose a vexing question.

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September 02 2020

The Benefits of Integrated Mobile Legal Apps

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August 05 2020

5 Tips for Organising Your Law Office

Staying organised is important no matter what your job may be. Working in law is no exception to this; in fact, it's even more important.

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June 10 2020

Do I Need to Change my Legal Practice Management System?

They have trained all their people on it and continued to pay the vendor an ongoing maintenance fee over the years. Over time, however, their vendor had little motivation to upgrade the product or sho...

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May 20 2020

Preventing Billing Concerns and Errors in Your Legal Practice

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April 16 2020

5 Marketing and Business Development Strategies for Law Firms

What might these firms be doing wrong? Statistics from ALPMA in 2019 suggest that 43% of legal practices in Australia do not believe their firm has the ability and business development (BD) programs i...

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March 18 2020

Having Tough Conversations With Clients

These conversations are not the easiest part of the legal profession and they may be more or less difficult depending upon where you are in your legal career. Lawyers that are building their reputatio...

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August 07 2019

Starting Your Own Law Firm? Let Our Experience Help.

Maybe you'd like to decide the work you do, instead of taking assignments from senior lawyers. Or perhaps you want to be able set your own schedule, have more meaningful contact with your clients, or ...

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September 05 2018

How Can Lawyers Best Discuss Fees with Clients?

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July 11 2018

So you Want to Work For an In-House Corporate Legal Team?

You don't have to worry about billable hours, and job stability can be higher. However, it can also have its challenges.

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May 23 2018

Lawyers Work Smarter With Integrated Apps for Smartphones (and Tablets)!

In this article, we take a look at a few of the ways that phone and tablet-based apps are changing and improving the way lawyers work, and how LawMaster's iBench app provides industry-leading features...

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Does your PMS work for every Generation?

That being said, every legal organisation must find new ways to be efficient in order to control overhead costs or it will not be profitable for the partners who own shares in the practice. We wrote t...

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