Legal Software for Medium to Large Firms

Are you a medium to large legal practice looking to upgrade your processes? Well LawMaster is the software for you. 

For firms with 10 to more than 100 staff.

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How we get to know you

Our tailored client journey starting with our Needs Based Analysis helps us get to know your legal practice so we can better understand how we can help you.

Every Feature You Need. In One Single Solution Legal Software.

  • Business Development & CRM
  • Client, Entity & Matter Management
  • Email & Document Management
  • Document Automation
  • Tasks, Process Automation & Workflow
  • Comprehensive Billing, Trust & Legal Accounting
  • Client Portal, Mobile & Remote Access
  • Payroll & HR Management
  • Dashboard Reporting & Practice Management
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Every feature you need in one place, giving you one source of the truth. 

legal matter management

Matter Management

Take every Matter Management tool you could ever need and integrate with workflow process automation that can capture and save everything related to a matter – as it happens.

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Legal practice management

Practice Management

Access comprehensive and up-to-date information about your firm’s performance, achievements, and activity – all in one place.

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Legal document management

Document Management

Centralise Document Management and storage for powerful searchability and eliminate the need for hard documents.

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Legal financial management

Financial Management

Gain efficiency from a truly integrated general and trust accounting system through simplicity and spend it improving your bottom line.

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Legal knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Search the entirety of your firm’s knowledge base – quickly and easily. Filter, group and pivot your search results around numerous points with ease.

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Seamless, Secure Integration

Integrating with third-party systems is simple and effortless with LawMaster. From within our technology, you can access your other applications without interrupting your workflow. 

Legal software with Microsoft office integration
Legal software with Google integration
Legal software with Outlook integration
Legal software with Sai Global integration
Legal software with SignIt integration
Legal software with Client Portal Integration
Legal software with API Integration

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