Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires bala...

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A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Work From Home Policy at Your Law Firm

As 2023 begins, it’s important to make sure your policies are up to date and still relevant for the COVID-normal workplace. Since the beginning of 2020, the benefits of remote working for employee wel...

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5 Value-Adding Practices to Retain Lawyer-Client Relationships

Clients are the heart of a successful law practice and attracting, engaging, and retaining clients with a more personalised, consultative approach is key.

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5 Signs Your Legal Practice Needs Management Software

When you run a law firm, you move from the role of a practitioner to a business owner and vice versa. Being responsible for the business as a whole uses a lot of time you could spend bringing clients ...

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