April 18 2018

Is Your Law Practice Management System Giving You the Reports You Need?

When you move to a Practice Management System that is scalable to your firm's growth, you will have a more powerful reporting tool and command over this unstruc...


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When you move to a Practice Management System that is scalable to your firm's growth, you will have a more powerful reporting tool and command over this unstructured data. What type of PMS do you need? You want one that gives you more in-depth reporting and can analyse your firm's performance, productivity and monitors the overall position of the practice in real-time.


With more depth, flexibility, and powerful customisation features, a fully integrated PMS is a technological advancement and is crucial for law firms intent on growing, staying relevant and remaining competitive. Having a powerful reporting tool with seamless and dynamic integrated dashboards will allow you to run your business to its maximum potential. Integrated reporting is so important these days, because relevant data may be from anywhere- inside your organisation or outside of it, and may be structured or unstructured, online or mobile. Companies that invest in and successfully drive value from their data will enjoy a performance advantage over their peers. 


Data is growing explosively and it takes a massive amount of time to analyse this voluminous and useful information—especially when you are a busy law firm. Thankfully, practice management systems are evolving just as fast. Experts in this field provide industry-leading technology that recognises relationships between data points quickly which means that productivity and performance are also upgraded quickly.

How can your law firm benefit from this?

  • Matter Management
Every Matter Management tool you could ever need is integrated into this technology and information is captured and saved in real-time. This means that you can manage the entire matter lifecycle to service clients more efficiently and effectively. Workflow process automation, powerful searchability, report generation, and task facilitation are the valuable things that will lift your team to a heightened level of performance.
  • Practice Management
This technology brings comprehensive and up-to-date information about your firm's performance, achievements and activity together – all in one place. With this level of visibility and functionality, each staff member will have the business intelligence they need to make your business better. You can easily bring new players onto a matter and new hires up to speed and acclimated quicker.
  • Document Management
This central storage system reduces search time, manual data input and eliminates the need for hard copy documents. It is so effective because it helps you do the things you already do, only faster. Documents that are related to Matters, Clients, Suppliers, Deeds, Employees, New Client Enquiries and Purchase Orders are now in one centralised and secure location.
  • Knowledge Management
This technology integrates KM and you can search the entirety of your firm's knowledge base – quickly and easily. By streamlining searching within both matter and non-matter records, all the information you need is right at your fingertips. Finding work product with a single, easy-to-use program improves the efficiency and the quality of services you can deliver to your clients.
  • Financial Management
This sophisticated technology also performs all your accounting and reporting needs and is integrated with all other areas of the system. It frees up a significant amount of time which means you can focus on other areas of your business and improve your bottom line. When you have this type of efficiency, it is a powerful tool because it unlocks the growth your business needs and makes profits more sustainable.


The efficiencies gained from a truly integrated system are only won through simplicity. The number of law firms that know this is increasing because they are viewing technology not just as a means to boost efficiency; but as a way to re-imagine how legal services are delivered. Unsurprisingly, the larger firms lead the way in embracing this transformational technology. 

You don't want your law firm to be left behind. At LawMaster, we provide industry-leading practice management technology and our intelligent solution delivers everything a law firm needs; with seamless precision. When you have outgrown the use of your PMS, having a new system that simply and effortlessly integrates with your other applications, will upgrade the productivity and performance of your team which is indispensable to long-term growth and success.