Additional LawMaster Services

LawMaster’s range of additional law software features complements our core technology. Designed to further enhance your user experience and functionality, these options offer increased flexibility, mobility, automation and client engagement.

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iBench is a browser-based application for smart phones and tablets. It gives your lawyers real-time, online access to an integrated version of the LawMaster database. Wherever your lawyers are working, they can access files and documents, review outstanding tasks and add file notes and time to their matters – all in real time.

Client Portal

The Client Portal allows you to engage with your clients online anytime, anywhere. It features a contemporary design and intuitive user experience, and seamlessly integrates into your website with your own branding, colours and logos.

Automation Services

A core feature within the LawMaster software is a highly customisable content automation component. Easily designed and implemented, these automation solutions save you time and expense in the production of workflow steps and documents, enhancing your firm’s overall efficiency.

Business Process Consulting

Leverage the knowledge and skills of our consultants in your own firm. Our LawMaster specialists have experience working across all areas of law firm practice, with firms of all sizes. They can perform an evaluation of your processes and usage, prepare an action plan with specific steps to enhance your usage quality, and support you as you capitalise on opportunities to improve.

Accounting Services

Our experienced financial team can manage all your accounting tasks, from payroll to financial reports, bank reconciliations and processing of all payments and receipts. This service frees you to focus on the billable work, while we handle the day-to-day accounts processing and reporting.


Dashboards is a powerful LawMaster feature that provides your decision makers with real-time business intelligence that they can access from anywhere. Dashboards turn information into insights, and insights into action to drive your firm’s performance.