Master your Legal Document Management

Centralise Document Management and storage for powerful searchability and eliminate the need for hard documents.

Access the correct version of any document – fast and with the confidence of having a single source of the truth.

LawMaster’s Document Management system combines the functionality lawyers love with powerful searchability, from the simple to the advanced. Improve the efficiency of your practice by reducing search time and manual data input. Intuitively list, sort, group, search and preview your documents. 

One source of the truth

Document Management System

  • Tightly control security and access levels.
  • Significantly reduce handling and manual processes. 
  • Precisely track updates with full version control ensuring practice-wide accuracy.
  • Preview documents with ease.

Automate Documents and Precedents

  • Quickly create an unlimited range of templates and documents for both legal and administrative areas 
  • Use powerful workflows to enable streamlined creation of highly complex documents
  • Minimise edits and dictation by automating your common documents 

Electronic Mailroom

  • Eliminate printing and storage of hardcopy documents
  • Enable your law firm to achieve a near paperless office and save on paper, printer lease and maintenance costs
  • Use multiple intuitive options for assigning documents for fast retrieval 

Access Everything You Need

  • Matter-centric access across one office or many
  • Search within a matter or across all areas of LawMaster with powerful filters by relevance.
  • Access documents securely on mobile devices without VPN access.


  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office
  • Create, reply and forward emails directly from the Matter with Outlook integration
  • Import emails from Outlook into document folios


  • Secure access to documents with various layers of permissions
  • Share documents securely with clients through the Client Portal

Reduce Time and Errors

  • Create, save and retrieve documents to matters and clients
  • Powerful searching and quick access to documents
  • Movement tracking with full version control
  • Eliminate double handling and duplicate copies by use of Referrals
  • Quickly compile briefs using Cabinets

Clients who've upgraded to LawMaster

These are just some of the firms that have upgraded to the premier law practice technology.

What sets LawMaster's legal document management apart from other software?
Our Document Management system combines functionality  lawyers love with powerful searchability, from the simple to advanced, which improves the efficiency of your practice by reducing search time and manual data input. 
How do I know I'm always working on the most up to date version of a document?
LawMaster's intelligent version control functionality ensures that you and your team are always working on the most up to date version of a document, the system will even notify you if you're accidentally working on a version of a document that isn't the most up to date. 
How can LawMaster limit my paper usage?
There are many ways LawMaster can help you go paper-lite or paperless, the electronic filing system eliminates unnecessary printing and storage of hard-copy documents. Simply scan all your in-coming correspondence, invoices and documents and assign to the relevant matter or contact. 
How can I ensure only the right people can access documents?
Our various levels of customisable security classes allow you to determine which members of your team can access certain matters and documents. This ensures that the right people are working on the right documents. 
How can this document management system save me time?
LawMaster eliminates time wasted searching mislaid documents or handing over files worked on by another lawyer. Reducing the double handling and the manual processes involved in document assembly will increase your productivity dramatically.