September 24 2021

5 Ways Legal Document Automation Can Improve Your Efficiency

When it comes to law, there’s one thing that takes up the most time of all: paperwork.

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When it comes to law, there’s one thing that takes up the most time of all: paperwork.

Document automation in the legal industry has gotten better and better over the past few years, allowing lawyers to streamline their workflow in ways that were once impossible with pen and paper or outdated software programs. Here are five ways that law firms can use legal document automation to improve efficiency in their office:

1) Increase Your Output

Working at a law firm can be incredibly rewarding, but it also has its challenges. For example, you might find yourself doing repetitive work that takes time away from other important tasks. To increase your output, and to reduce your frustration, take advantage of legal document automation tools. Whether you’re drafting or reviewing contracts or any other kind of legal document, these tools help you complete tasks faster and more accurately while reducing your need for double handling.

2) Eliminate Time Wasting Tasks

Paperwork is tedious enough for lawyers without having to sift through hundreds of pages of legal documents every time they’re needed. Legal document automation can help eliminate time-wasting tasks by storing documents in an online database, allowing them to be accessed on demand or by automatically filling out data, reducing the possibility of errors. This frees up time for you to get back to what you do best, practising law. 

3) Reduce Costs

Legal documents can be created and disseminated much more efficiently, allowing firms to save time and money. By automating repetitive tasks like client onboarding and document assembly, your law firm can cut down on both costs and inefficiencies. Not only will it make things easier for you, but it’ll also ensure that clients get exactly what they need—as quickly as possible. This way, they’re able to get back to running their business instead of being stuck dealing with legal paperwork all day long. Combine this with digital signing technology and you can eliminate the need for printing and couriers almost entirely. 

4) Enhance Client Satisfaction

When you let smart automation take care of mundane, repetitive tasks, it frees up your time and focus so you can be better at what you do. With legal document automation from LawMaster, you have an all-in-one solution that streamlines your workflow and frees up your time so you can provide your clients with the service they deserve. Spend this extra time keeping them up-to-date on their matter and reassuring them things are progressing as they should be. 

5) Enhance Visibility

Documents stored electronically are easier for clients and other legal professionals to access. That’s because Word documents, PDFs, and searchable PDF documents can be viewed by anyone who has a copy of that file—no matter what device they’re using. If you send a client or colleague an electronic document (in whatever format), they can view it right away without having to wait for you to create a physical copy and mail it out, especially if you're taking advantage of a client portal as well


As you can see, automation is powerful, but it’s not infallible. You need more than an automated workflow if you want your law firm to run at its highest level of efficiency. Only when every aspect of your law firm communicates can you get the most out of automations potential. LawMaster provides you with one source of the truth so that you can get the most out of your legal work. Click here to learn more.