How to master internal communication in your legal team

Mastering your firm's internal communication practices is essential if your goal is to boost efficiency in the workplace.

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Mastering your firm's internal communication practices is essential if your goal is to boost efficiency in the workplace.

The days of lengthy email chains that aren't responded to in a timely fashion or that get lost in the shuffle are becoming a thing of the past. We are entering a new era where the focus is on establishing more effective, long term in-house communication practices. With businessesacr4oss the country in lockdown again and those in other states caught in a point of limbo, perfecting internal communication is paramount to success. The reason being is that improved communication within the workplace promotes enhanced employee engagement and team productivity, which contributes to the enhancement of the competitiveness of your firm.

Deciding to improve your firm's in-house communication practices is a strategic move that can help elevate your organisation into its next phase. Once you've decided to work on improving in-house communications, the next step entails implementing proven tactics that assist in helping you realise your intentions.

How Can Internal Communications be Improved?

Get your Employees to Buy-In

This is an important first step in your mission to improve internal communications. Getting employees to buy in involves creating transparency concerning the benefits of working to enhance the efficiency of company interactions. Explain to them why it's important, how employees buying in can help the company, and most importantly, (from the perspective of the employee) how they can benefit in the long run.

Lead by Example

While communicating with your staff is a great way to get them to develop traits that work in achieving company pursuits, many need a visual representation of how it needs to be done, and to the standard the firm expects. If you hope to improve internal communications, ensure that all the higher-ups at your organisation are leading by example.

Create transparency Concerning Company Objectives

Objectives that aren't clearly defined and made available to all members of your staff can hinder your ability to realise your organisational intentions. Ensure that everyone at your firm, has a clear idea of your company's mission. Outside of company meetings, where you can fully articulate company goals, an effective tactic, concerning the spread of information could include publishing and plastering company, team, and personal goals in areas where staff are most likely to frequent (i.e. break rooms).

Develop Routines

Incorporate communication updates into your daily and weekly routines. Ensure that everyone is being kept in the loop about important company information and conduct daily check-ins to verify that said information is being relayed in a manner conducive to company objectives.

Train your team

Throughout our corporate careers, we have been trained in the art of sending emails, regardless if that mode of communication is the most efficient manner of relaying and receiving vital information at a given time. It isn't uncommon for employees to send out emails to a team member across the hallway, when in reality it would have been more efficient to walk over and talk to them. Company training is an effective tool that can be used to undo certain bad habits and put in place ones that are more aligned with your firm's mission.

Tailor how you speak to your team

In the same way that you would tailor the way you speak to your clients, so too should you determine how you will speak to your team. Some of your people may have been living in their inbox for years now and they aren't going to give that up easily. Ensure that you understand everyones needs and preferences and develop a solution that works best for your legal practice. Make sure it's two way and listen to their feedback to continuously tweak and improve your processes. By creating the perfect structure for you and your team, communication will be clear and everyone will remain informed of company updates and objectives.