May 13 2021

Implement Systematic Workflows for Greater Law Firm Efficiency

Have you found that you're becoming busier and busier? You're not the only one, but if you use workflows effectively you can can mitigate some of the extra stra...

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Have you found that you're becoming busier and busier? You're not the only one, but if you use workflows effectively you can can mitigate some of the extra strain you're being put under.

Legal workflow automation is one of the solutions that can empower a transparent, efficient, and centralised legal practice.

Automation is a 'red flag' word for many people as they think it means a loss of jobs to a machine. But this isn't the case, rather, automation can be used to remove repetitive tasks so your staff can focus on more important work.

These functions are treated separately by software programs. For this reason, most firms prefer to use paper-based forms for the management of client intake. Rather than isolating tasks, a firm needs to focus on a solution that can automate the whole process.


Scalability is about increasing the level of output. When processes are repeated and remain systematic, they automatically become scalable.

Repeated workflows in a law firm, in this case, can save time and boost efficiency, translating to profitability and more opportunities. So, how can systematic workflows be developed?

Developing Systematic Workflows

Begin by identifying problem areas in your process to improve workflow. Law requires repetitive document drafting and reviewing, all of which can be monotonous.

Fortunately, several steps can be taken to make the process easier. The tools to do this are able to be harnessed by the right practice management software. Here is how you can develop a systematic workflow.

1. Organise the Collection of Data

Legal work involves the collection of large amounts of data. However, the transcription of the data into the software can be time-consuming. Most law firms have scattered client intake processes across multiple platforms including emails, file notes, and contact info, among others.

All this data is then manually fed into some software exposing it to human error. Although practice management software is easy to use, it has a negative side.

For its effectiveness to be felt, data has to be manually entered into the database. For a more systematic workflow, automate the collection and the transcription of the data.

2. Leverage Email Templates

Law firms make agreements and draft by using document templates. However, there are other repetitive drafting processes required. Communicating with clients is one of them. Every successful law firm knows that good communication with clients is crucial.

For a lawyer drafting emails to all clients, can be time consuming. Most of the information is repeated in almost every email, such as "send us a copy of your driver's license" or "thanks for contacting us" among others.

Your practice can benefit from automated templates, which can be reused in different phases of the process. This will help you communicate with your clients efficiently and frequently.

3. Implement Task Management Systems

The concept behind the implementation of task management systems is to break down processes into smaller and repeatable sequences. One of the best ways to implement a systematic workflow is through automated process management. A checklist, for instance, should help in keeping track of the milestones of the case to enable you to stay updated on the progress.

Law firms can greatly benefit from a more systematic workflow. Processes such as collection, transcription, and email work particularly well with automation. If you are looking for powerful legal software to boost the performance of your practice, LawMaster has you covered.

The technology used is highly integrated with your business to help you achieve greater efficiency. Here, you are assured of an industry-leading practice management technology that upgrades the productivity and performance of law firms. Our intelligent solution is fully integrated to deliver everything you need with seamless precision. Contact us today to find out how we can help upgrade the efficiency of your law firm by at least 30% and let workflow automation drive your firm to success.