February 07 2018

5 Reasons to Move Your Law Firm's Documents to the Cloud - Part 2

Last time we started with the purely physical benefits of not having to handle, store, and file all that actual paper along with the convenience of accessing yo...


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Last time we started with the purely physical benefits of not having to handle, store, and file all that actual paper along with the convenience of accessing your documents from anywhere with internet access. Let's start this episode at point three.

3) Quick and Easy

BackupsBackups are usually a major hassle when it comes to your company paperwork. With paper copies, you not only need to store unmarked source documents and signed originals, you also need copies of everything to ensure that if one box is burned or soaked, there will still be records of important transactions, information, or agreements. With digital paperwork stored locally, you wind up making copy after copy of your files and the backups take storage space of their own.

With digital documents stored on the cloud through a management platform, keeping backups is as easy as the click of a button. You can quickly duplicate important forms, create storage copies of important client information, and even make a downloadable full-backup to store somewhere else for added security.

4) Natural Disaster Protection

What happens to all your paperwork if a natural disaster hits your office? With the recent wave of hurricanes and southern earthquakes, this is something many companies are thinking about now. If you store all your information locally, either in boxes or on hard drives, your entire business could be wiped out by a single flood or fire. The cloud, on the other hand, isn't in any one physical location meaning that anything stored there becomes essentially natural-disaster proof.

When your company's important business documents are kept on the cloud, the computers in your office become mere access points with useful software installed to interface with the true heart of your company. This way, even if a black hole somehow swallowed your office building, you could easily set up shop anywhere else with computers and desks and still have access to everything you need to stay in business.

5) Worry-Free Malware Recovery

Finally, what is your hacker recovery plan? Do you have one? While you may have yet to be hit by the continuous onslaught of ransomware, worms, and spambots, no company can consider itself completely safe. Often even with the best firewalls and anti-virus software in place a single moment of human error can allow malware onto your system. Whether all your data gets encrypted and held for ransom or you simply decide to wipe a system to factory settings to get rid of some malicious software, why put your truly important files at risk? By storing them on the cloud, no local network attack can actually damage your ability to work and protect your client information


While all this sounds wonderful, you may be wondering how you're expected to get all your company's documents onto the cloud where they will be safe from storms, hackers, and data loss. LawMaster is not just a cloud storage server, it's a full practice management system with an integrated document management solution complete with an easy access interface, mobile app component, and workflow enhancing features. Once you have upgraded your firm's file management policies to a digital platform, you'll wonder how you every got along without a DMS in the first place. For everything you need to digitally upgrade your law firm, from document storage to finances, LawMaster has you covered. 

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