July 29 2021

5 Ways to Introduce Smart Automation to Your Law Firm

Instead of extending your work day or hiring a junior employee to handle repetitive tasks, consider automating your everyday activities with legal software. In ...


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Instead of extending your work day or hiring a junior employee to handle repetitive tasks, consider automating your everyday activities with legal software. In this article, we’ll look at five ways you can introduce smart automation to your law firm. 

1. Streamline Client Onboarding

Effective onboarding can make or break your relationships with clients, but it’s easy to short-change the task. Why? You’re busy, and onboarding can be time-consuming and expensive.

Fortunately, legal software solutions like LawMaster can automate many aspects of client onboarding. For example, our client relationship management system allows you to maintain a database that puts prospects, clients, debtors and creditors all in one solution. Using LawMaster, you can use workflow automation tools within client onboarding to send required documents like engagement letters to new clients.

You can also view relationships on many different screens and track histories, conflicts and marketing communications. As a result, it’s never been easier to capture the effectiveness of your campaigns and even target your communications to specific audiences. 

With streamlined client onboarding, you’ll be able to capitalise on more opportunities and start building long-term relationships from the start.

2. Automate Your Time Tracking

Keeping track of your time is vital, but traditional time tracking software and timesheets can be clunky and inaccurate. So instead, avoid the risk of slippage by using legal software like LawMaster.

When it comes to recording and billing, accuracy is critical. Time is money, and if you fail to track your time, your cash flow could suffer and you could fall behind on your time-based KPIs. If you want to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, automate your time tracking.

You can do this with LawMaster’s time recording and billing module, which guarantees accurate time-keeping. The unique automatic time recording function starts when you start working and finishes when you save time. You’ll no longer lose unaccounted time because the software will accurately record each task. At the end of each day, you can see exactly how you spent your time; it couldn’t be easier.

And billing is just as easy. Simple and effective, LawMaster doesn’t leave room for error. You can charge clients by time or employ a fixed fee.

3. Use Matter Management Software

Every legal practice should prioritise efficient matter management. When you coordinate your matters in the form of different records, you can bring out the best for your law firm.

LawMaster can help you to easily view all of your data in one place, including:

  • Documents
  • Correspondence
  • File notes
  • Contact details
  • Time spent
  • Financial data.

With our powerful matter-centric search capabilities, you can quickly find any document you need, save time, and avoid frustration. 

4. Adopt an Electronic Mailroom 

Going paperless will help your firm to save money and improve productivity. But where do you start? 

LawMaster’s Electronic Mail Room functionality integrates our intelligent electronic filing system with all of your essential documents. Instead of printing and storing hard copies, you can save scans of invoices, correspondence and documents for effortless storage.

After a short time using our Electronic Mail Room, you’ll wonder how you ever used another system. This type of automation can improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.

5. Use Workflow Automation 

Lawyers perform some of the same tasks repeatedly, and many of these activities can be automated to free you up for higher-level work.

If you want to increase your profits, one of the surest ways to achieve that goal is to increase productivity. LawMaster uses workflow automation to take procedures and templates to the next level.

Workflow automation is an event-driven module that requires minimal input from you. The functions are brilliant and can use chosen variables to merge documents when needed automatically. Also, the automation can prompt you to take the next action in the workflow, keeping you constantly moving forward.

Here’s an example: once the bill stage is reached, you can activate the task, automatically producing the bill. Several steps have been reduced and automated. For example, instead of spending time calculating and creating the statement, you can move directly to another billable task.

Workflow development is decidedly sophisticated but easy to operate. LawMaster workflow automation can undertake complex calculations and use a simple yet powerful scripting language with rich function and variable sets.

Where to start

As you can see, there are many different ways to introduce intelligent automation to your law firm. Whether you start with just one of these five innovations or tackle all of them at once, you’ll love the way automation saves you time and money.

We’d love to show you why LawMaster is the foremost law practice technology today. Feature-rich and smart, LawMaster is a single solution that will upgrade your firm's performance.

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