Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires bala...

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4 Best Practices to Improve Law Firm Financial Management

As a lawyer, developing an understanding of the fundamentals of firm financial management will ensure that your law firm is on the path to economic growth.

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Law Firm Invoicing: Best Practices for 2023

Getting invoicing right is one of the fundamentals of running a business, but it can be a time-consuming and detailed process. As 2023 approaches, here’s how you can improve your law firm’s billing pr...

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Get On Top of Your Law Firm's Financial Management

Is it time to re-evaluate your law firm’s finances? As your firm grows and evolves, it’s easy to get complacent, but don’t neglect your financial processes when they’re due for a refresher.

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April 21 2022

What Does a "Data-Driven" Law Firm Really Look Like?

Even firms that embrace data-driven practices are still in the infancy of comprehending the data-driven what, how, and why.

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February 17 2022

Practice Management Bootcamp: 5 Steps to Improve Firm Performance

As you grow, your practice management processes must help your legal firm to retain security, cost-effective operations, legal authority, and quality in terms of legal solutions. You want to improve t...

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December 02 2021

New Year, New Firm? How to Grow Your Practice in 2022

Good data helps you more efficiently manage financial resources and your legal practice overall, and legal software can be integral in helping your practice both acquire and manage this data.

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November 12 2021

Strategies to Help Your Law Firm Attract Top Legal Support Staff

Finding quality support staff for your law firm can be a challenge, though currently there is hardly a lack of talent in the pool. Despite there being a wealth of talent currently seeking jobs, law fi...

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How to master internal communication in your legal team

Mastering your firm's internal communication practices is essential if your goal is to boost efficiency in the workplace.

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April 29 2021

3 Key Strategies to Help Ensure Success for Your Legal Practice

Success is difficult to obtain in any industry. Between markets falling and rising, pressures from management, internal communication issues, and now a pandemic there are so many reasons that business...

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April 21 2021

A Few Ways to Improve the Profitability of Your Law Firm

Profits are the name of the game in business, and every owner loves making them. However, improving the profitability of a law firm is never easy and needs to be approached strategically.

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March 17 2021

How to improve your communication with clients

Sometimes legal clients can feel alienated from their lawyers because they don't know what's going on.

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March 11 2021

3 Factors Critical to Improving Law Firm Performance

What makes for a successful law firm? Is it talented lawyers? A diversity of practice areas? A high degree of specialisation? Loyal clients? A captive market?

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February 24 2021

Some Simple Ways Lawyers Can Boost Their Productivity

A day in the life of a lawyer is often tedious, repetitive, and full of obligations that keep them tied up for a meaningful portion of the work hours and beyond.

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February 17 2021

Successful Law Firms Use Data-Driven Insight

yAt university, future lawyers learn the values and traditions of their chosen profession.

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February 10 2021

Could Your Firm Run Smoothly if a Key Employee Was Unable to Work?

Businesses the world over face "key person risk" – the danger that a key employee with specialised knowledge or skills will suddenly be unable to work, leaving the business struggling to continue its ...

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October 28 2020

How to Overcome Distractions in Your Law Firm

Distractions are an enemy to the progress of your law firm. Sadly, in a world where the average person can barely concentrate on their computer for more than 40 seconds without being distracted, distr...

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Finding the right legal business partner

They are not always close personal bonds, but they require a strong working relationship. With Covid restrictiosn lifting in most of the country, many people may be looking for a change or a fresh sta...

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Becoming a Leader (Not Just a Lawyer) in Your Firm

If you endeavour to be a vital part of your law firm, and not merely a good lawyer, there are a few items you should consider.

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January 22 2020

Does Flexible Work Suit Your Legal Practice?

Thanks to the advantages of technology, you have the ability to deliver more, better, and faster than ever before. Those advances in technology also offer a solution that many employees are eager to t...

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March 06 2019

How Law Firms Can Help Graduate Lawyers Excel

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January 16 2019

Starting the New Year Right in Your Law Firm

You may have already made resolutions in your personal life, but have you made them for your firm? Try some of these ideas to get your year off on the right foot.

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December 19 2018

Use Technology to Improve Your Time Management

They are often up working before the sun rises and don't stop until long after it has set. This demanding schedule can be tough on their mental health. This negative impact on mental health and sleep ...

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October 10 2018

How To Improve Your Internal Communication Performance

Technology should be brought into the equation in order to help with improving your internal communication. This will allow you to eliminate the paper trail that may be slowing down some of your produ...

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Dashboard Delivers Valuable Real-Time Reporting

With the advent of law firm management software, particularly integrated software solutions like LawMaster's, reporting became significantly more timely. Firms could generate performance reports at th...

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Payroll Functionality: Essential to any Legal Practice Management Solution

In this article, we focus on the last step in the revenue cycle, payroll. At LawMaster, we understand the crucial and sometimes fraught role payroll management plays in your firm's operation. How a fi...

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April 18 2018

Is Your Law Practice Management System Giving You the Reports You Need?

When you move to a Practice Management System that is scalable to your firm's growth, you will have a more powerful reporting tool and command over this unstructured data. What type of PMS do you need...

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