July 07 2021

Wellness and the Legal Field

The legal field is intensely stressful and with the financial year coming to an end and starting up again this is a good time to consider how much attention you...


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The legal field is intensely stressful and with the financial year coming to an end and starting up again this is a good time to consider how much attention you're paying to your wellness.

 The hours are long, and the pressure is high. The work often involves very emotional issues around life, finances, and property. In many cases, people depend on lawyers in a very significant way for emotional healing or financial compensation.

Complicating factors not fully defined in law can keep lawyers up at night trying to ensure they get the best outcome for their clients. Some people like to give lawyers a hard time, but the truth is they work hard because they care about doing a good job. Then there's the other factors which keep a practice going. After working hard for clients, lawyers have to deal with paperwork, billing, and other management chores. What about family, where do they fit in? What about taking care of you?

The truth is, you have to take care of yourself. You will be more productive if you are feeling healthy and well rested, and you will be a better partner, parent, and friend. You are already busy, so it may seem overwhelming to think of adding something else to your routine, but there is little doubt you will accomplish more when you feel balance and less stress in your life. Here are a few quick and simple ways you can take better care of yourself.


It is extremely easy to get in the terrible habit of eating while driving or working. It is bad for your digestion, and also unhealthy for your state of mind. Even if it is only fifteen minutes, stop when you eat. Enjoy the scenery, or have a conversation with a coworker. Relax and properly chew your food. Avoid your computer and phone if at all possible. In addition, make a point to eat healthy. Bring leftovers or even healthy frozen meals from home. If you must eat out, avoid fast food. Keep healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, and corn chips at the office. Eating healthy will give you energy and keep your mind clear.


Make sure you are hydrated. Keep water bottles in your car and office and refill frequently. You need water to function properly.


Adults need 7-9 hours every night, and the consequences of sleep deprivation, especially when it is chronic, are frightening. You can cause serious damage to your body. It also makes it difficult to think clearly, which is bound to affect the quality of your work.


Most of us do not really love exercise, but the benefits are profound. It is of course good for your body, but it also gets more blood to your brain, helping you to think more clearly, and releases endorphins, radically improving your mood. As a bonus it will give you more energy, making you more productive. Even a brief fifteen minutes each morning will make a big difference.


This may or may not be a spiritual practice. Simply spending fifteen minutes each day in silence focusing on your breathing has tremendous benefits for body, mental health, and stress reduction. Try to let thoughts go but do not get stressed about continuing to have thoughts. That is counter-productive. Just keep letting them go and remembering to breathe.

Family Time

We all need to feel connected to other people. If you do not have children, a spouse, or a close relationship with parents, brothers, or sisters, commit to spending time with friends each week. If you have children, commit to at least an hour each day. Set a time when you will leave the office, even if there is still work to do. Again, when you are well rested and feel you have a balanced life, you will be more productive at work.


If there is simply no way you can do all the work and still care for yourself and your family, you may need to find ways to lessen your workload. LawMaster's practice management software can take a lot of work off your plate. You can intuitively automate many repetitive tasks. This will reduce the time you need to spend in the office and free up time for you and your family. Our Cloud hosted servers mean you can access files and work from anywhere at any time with an internet connection. This means you can leave the office early and do some more work from home if necessary. Find people to help you so you can properly care for yourself and your family.

Reduce your stress, and take care of yourself. You may be surprised by how much more you can accomplish in a shorter time when you feel good. If you would like to learn more about how LawMaster can make your life less stressful, please contact us.