December 19 2018

Use Technology to Improve Your Time Management

They are often up working before the sun rises and don't stop until long after it has set. This demanding schedule can be tough on their mental health. This neg...

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They are often up working before the sun rises and don't stop until long after it has set. This demanding schedule can be tough on their mental health. This negative impact on mental health and sleep schedule can lead to many mistakes within their work.

However, most legal professionals don't have a choice. The work must get done, and there rarely seems to be enough hours in the day. Those in the legal profession can solve this problem by using technology to help them manage their time more effectively. The development of software that caters to the legal industry, like LawMaster can be a powerful tool in time-management and help legal practitioners get their time back.

What does legal software do?

Legal software helps law firms to improve productivity and time management. LawMaster has the advantage of being an integrated software solution that contains everything you need to run your firm efficiently.

Critical date management

For law firms, keeping track of due dates and court deadlines is a strenuous process, especially for those firms that are handling millions of dollars for their clients. Critical date management tracks everything in one place, so staff aren't struggling to track down upcoming dates.

Matter management

All law practices, regardless of size, share the need for matter management. Matter management software assists with a wide range of tasks that might otherwise bog down a law practice. Matter management can keep track of dates regarding clients, witnesses, the other sides attorneys, judges, and courts. It can also be useful for administrative tasks, such as budgets, keeping track of invoices, and document storage. A law firm of any size could benefit from a good matter management software.

File Management

Law offices can find quality file management software to be of great help when it comes to file management. File management helps any size law office with records, keep track of caseloads, assist with communications, and allow a firm to go paperless which saves resources as well as time. File management software allows for greater clarity across teams and removes the likelihood of miscommunication.

Cost Recording

Regardless of a firms size, tracking the coast of each case is essential. Especially as a law firm grows and adds to its number of clients, tracking costs can become not only tedious but time-consuming. Cost recording software will make it easier to list expenditures by case by keeping tabs of the money flow for each client.

  • Other software that can help lawyers and other legal professionals regain a semblance of personal time back include but are not limited to:
  • Workflow/task management
  • Matter Party Management
  • Electronic mail room
  • Library management
  • Payroll

Being firmly in the middle of the digital era has its drawbacks, but more often it has its advantages. Long gone are the days when lawyers and their staff have to flip through a Rolodex and track ethics conflicts by hand. With software on the market that caters to the legal profession, lawyers may find they have time to relax and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Contact LawMaster today to see how our intelligent Practice Management Software can improve the efficiency of your firm.