Master your Legal Matter Management

Take every Matter Management tool you could ever need and integrate with workflow process automation that can capture and save everything related to a matter – as it happens.

Unparalleled visibility brought to Matter Management by LawMaster makes it indispensable to your firm.

From a single screen, see everything that has happened on a matter, and everything that needs to happen – including all financial data. Search, view and manage all related documents in one master location. 

One place for the Truth

Matter Management

  • Easily view all documents, correspondence, file notes, contact details, time spent and financial data in one place
  • Quickly find a document or data with powerful, matter-centric search capabilities

Cost Recording

  • No more timesheets! All activity within is automatically and correctly logged, minimising the risk of loss & slippage

Workflow/Task Management

  • Simple and complex workflows.
  • Single screen input to merge various documents
  • Automatically assemble documents and save time with one-click creation

Matter Party Management

  • Click-through for direct access to contact details of all related parties
  • See relationships and conflicts of interest at a glance

File Management

  • Automatically save any and all activity to the correct file
  • Easily and quickly search both electronic and hard copy records, saving valuable time

Critical Date Management

  • Be sure all critical dates relating to a matter are flagged for action
  • Automatically set and enforce deadlines for enhanced efficiency

Law Firm Automation

  • Drive improved client outcomes with intelligent process triggering and automation systems
  • Event-driven tasks that automatically actions the next task
  • Automatic document mergers and reminders of important dates

Clients who've upgraded to LawMaster

These are just some of the firms that have upgraded to the premier law practice technology.

How can I keep track of the information related to a matter?
From a single screen, see everything that has happened on a matter, and everything that needs to happen – including all financial data. All related documents can be searched, viewed, and managed in one master location.
How does LawMaster’s matter management centre improve my firm’s efficiency?
Every matter management tool you could ever need is integrated into the one central platform. No longer will you have to operate multiple system, switch between programs, manually save information and search across various platforms.
Does LawMaster have automation capabilities?
Yes, LawMaster's powerful workflow automation capabilities capture and save every detail, action , and piece of information related to a matter as it happens. Workflow automation is a powerful event-driven module in which user’s action predetermined tasks. These tasks are highly intelligent using chosen variables to automatically merge documents when required or to prompt users to action the next task in the workflow.
How does LawMaster help me manage my matters better?
Storing all case information allows users to easily search and retrieve any electronic or hard copy records stored in the file. This storage method saves time and is extremely effective to ensure important documents are never lost.