May 26 2022

5 Ways to Use Cloud-Based Law Firm Software to Your Advantage.

What Does Cloud-Based Really Mean? Practically speaking, cloud-based means that storage, data, software and other computing functions are typically hosted in a ...

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What Does Cloud-Based Really Mean?

Practically speaking, cloud-based means that storage, data, software and other computing functions are typically hosted in a central data centre, rather than locally on a single device. You can then access them as needed simply by logging in to your account.

When you’re using LawMaster, that means that you can access matters, files, reporting and administration functions from anywhere with an internet connection.


The Covid-19 pandemic has shown most businesses that accessibility is no longer an optional extra, it’s necessary for business continuity. When lockdowns were first announced, many organisations were left scrambling to implement systems and processes that allowed their teams to work from home.

Hybrid working is now the norm for many people, and the ongoing presence of Covid-19 in our communities means there may be disruptions to working at the office, not to mention to schools and day cares as workplaces experience staffing shortages due to illness. This means a more flexible approach to working location, and sometimes hours, is required.

Covid-19 isn’t the only challenge that has shown the necessity of cloud-based practice management software that supports seamless working from home. The recent flooding on the East coast of Australia damaged or destroyed many workplaces, and shortages of building materials and labour mean that some workers have been displaced for weeks or even months. LawMaster’s cloud-based software provides a solution to unexpected access issues for law firms and legal teams, allowing you to work from any location.

Hybrid working is also becoming an expectation for many job seekers – having cloud-based software to support hybrid staff means your firm can offer a strong value proposition and attract and retain top legal talent. Workplace flexibility also supports better work-life balance, which has been shown to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Data Security

There are few things more important in practicing law than data security. While some firms may be reluctant to have data stored off-site, for many firms this is in fact the most secure option. For small to midsize firms, the cost of having suitably secure infrastructure on site can be prohibitive.

When you opt to use LawMaster to host your data, it is hosted on the ultra-secure Microsoft Azure platform. Security updates and patches are automatic, taking pressure off your in-house IT team. Our servers are based in Australia, so you can be confident that data storage is compliant with Australian privacy laws. Document access is easily controlled by setting user security levels, and zero-knowledge encryption means that data is completely secure.


When you use a cloud-based software, data for each matter is stored in a central location. Seamless integration with third-party systems like Microsoft 365 and Outlook is simple, so there’s no need to switch between applications or manually save documents to matters. Create, reply and forward emails directly from the Matter, or automatically generate letters, court documents, contracts and wills.

This simplifies workflow automations, as event-driven tasks automatically action the next step, such as merging a document or prompting a response. Automated tools and processes minimise time spent on administration, increasing productivity and reducing capacity for human error.


A cloud-based system ensures a single source of truth for all matters, as documents are stored centrally. This gives you better version control, as you always have the most comprehensive and accurate information available to you for any matter.

It also makes collaboration easier, as documents can be shared easily and work can be done simultaneously or remotely. Files are automatically backed up, so you don’t need to worry that the most up-to-date version of a document is sitting on a colleague’s desk, and in the event of a disaster you can access it from anywhere.


Cloud-based software is essential to supporting your firm’s growth. Client relationship management is simplified, and you can view track and manage data of potential and current clients, debtors and creditors from a single database.

LawMaster’s cloud-based system supports you to manage this data and identify potential revenue streams with easy reporting. Client onboarding can be streamlined through workflow automation, and financial reporting visibility shows costs and profits more clearly, allowing for better optimisation. Because LawMaster can be accessed anywhere, growing your firm is simple – there’s no need to set up new infrastructure when your office expands or opens new locations.


Cloud-based practice management software has many advantages for law firms and is becoming increasingly necessary to stay competitive. Contact us to discuss how LawMaster can upgrade the performance of your law practice and support your firm to be future-ready.

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