Mental Health Matters: Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

With Christmas around the corner and the holiday season ahead of us, it provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. In a profession that requires bala...

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September 24 2021

5 Ways Legal Document Automation Can Improve Your Efficiency

When it comes to law, there’s one thing that takes up the most time of all: paperwork.

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July 29 2021

5 Ways to Introduce Smart Automation to Your Law Firm

Instead of extending your work day or hiring a junior employee to handle repetitive tasks, consider automating your everyday activities with legal software. In this article, we’ll look at five ways yo...

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May 26 2021

Can All of a Lawyer's Job be Automated?

So can it? Let's jump to the point, simply put, no. The age of AI and automation has brought with it concerns, regarding job security amongst not only workers in factories where tasks are repeatable, ...

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May 13 2021

Implement Systematic Workflows for Greater Law Firm Efficiency

Have you found that you're becoming busier and busier? You're not the only one, but if you use workflows effectively you can can mitigate some of the extra strain you're being put under.

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January 28 2021

6 Ways Law Firm Workflow Management Benefits You and Your Team

Workflow is critical for any business, but it's particularly important for the legal industry. Large amounts of drafting and re-drafting alone make the process extremely arduous, not to mention having...

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December 16 2020

How to Implement Automated Workflows to Enhance Business Performance

There is a lot of talk about automated workflows but what are they, what do they do and how can you implement them in your legal practice? Workflow automation is the streamlining of processes and remo...

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September 09 2020

How Integrated Timesheet Functionality Can Improve your Efficiency

For centuries, lawyers recorded their billable work by writing it down on paper timesheets. Though some lawyers developed a keen sixth sense for the passage of time over their careers (many did not), ...

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March 05 2018

How Lawyers are Adapting to Artificial Intelligence

In fact, according to industry experts, the idea of automating some aspects of a lawyer's job is popular, but we are far removed from the concept of an AI lawyer working cases from start to finish.

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February 28 2018

Making a Case for Switching to Workflow Automation

One of the ways in which today's lawyer can benefit from the advances in digital bookkeeping and record management is through the use of workflow automation. Workflow automation is a computerised syst...

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