November 07 2018

How Focusing on Efficiency Can Lead to Higher Quality Work

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Becoming More Efficient

If you want your law office to become more efficient, the first step in the process is streamlining your project completion practices. An efficient workplace gets tasks completed with as few hands touching them as possible. This means, for example, that your admin staff don't weigh in on tasks that need to be completed by your lawyers, and your lawyers save their time for the tasks that only they can complete. Each member of the team knows exactly what's expected of them and when they're expected to complete it, and as a result, they're better prepared to deal with all of the tasks in front of them.

The Efficiency Effect

Efficiency is a buzz word that is regularly thrown around, but does it really have a huge overall impact on your business? Of course it does! 

The right people do the right things at the right time. There's no worry that certain members of the practice don't know their roles, and everyone knows what role they're expected to fill. As a result, it's easier to keep up with workloads, and all of the work gets done on time, with no forgotten assignments or missing pieces. This can also help significantly decrease stress throughout your workplace and increase trust, since every member of your legal team knows that the other members will do what they're supposed to do, when they're supposed to do it.

You'll deliver higher-quality work. There's less misinformation and misunderstanding, which means that you're delivering higher-quality work to your clients. This, in turn, leads to happier clients who are more likely to turn to your business for their future legal needs.

Less specific jobs are handled by the right individuals. Your lawyers need not spend their time on tasks that are better handled by admin staff. Rather, they need to work on those high-value tasks relating to cases, while members of the admin team focus on handling paperwork, sending out communications, and other vital daily tasks. When you increase efficiency throughout the workplace, jobs are handled by the right people.

High value jobs are handled by lawyers and are only passed to another set of hands if absolutely necessary. The more hands it touches, the more likely team members will become confused on the details of the document. 

Enhanced efficiency throughout the workplace means that you can maintain your high legal profile. This means better clients, better cases, and ultimately higher fees, benefiting the entire office as you draw a higher profit. To discover ways of improving your legal practices efficiency, read our article.

At LawMaster, we provide intelligent practice management software that allows you to more effectively manage the projects and clients you deal with every day. Our systems are designed to streamline the entire process of managing your practice, with no need to rely on clunky legacy systems and a higher level of efficiency than many of the other systems on the market. Create intuitive workflows, decrease search time for documents and increase internal communications to allow for a well run and transparent legal practice. Read our LawMaster client success story to learn how they still reap the benefits of improved efficiency 8 years on post implementation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform the efficiency of your practice.

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