Master your Legal Practice Management

Access comprehensive and up-to-date information about your firm’s performance, achievements and activity – all in one place.

Access the correct version of any document – fast and with the confidence of having a single source of the truth.

Your firm’s performance, achievements and activity are automatically visible in one place. A single tool lets you see how each lawyer and each legal stream is tracking, identify potential performance issues, analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and maintain client information with absolute accuracy.

One tool for the truth

Client Relationship Management

  • View, track and manage data potential and current clients, debtors and creditors on one database.
  • Easily and quickly perform conflict checks between any entity 
  • Prospects, clients, debtors and creditors are recognised entities. 
  • Entity conflict checking. 
  • Transparent entity relationships.
  • Auto-populate new client enquiry. 

Law Firm Marketing Intelligence

  • Enable your marketers to classify contacts, develop strategy and execute plans with precision using fully integrated process tracking and marketing intelligence.
  • Manage marketing campaigns, events, and legal work from the one system, ensuring client data is always up to date.
  • Automatically capture valuable information from marketing campaigns.

Performance Management

  • Real-time, self-service performance reporting allows authors to view and manage their own budgets
  • Drive productivity and performance with comprehensive and easy-to-read reports that act as a powerful motivational tool

Human Resource Management

  • Reduce double handling and increase efficiency through fully-integrated human resource capabilities. 
  • Create and customise templates, including new employee kits and performance review forms. 

Lawyer Marketing

  • Automate marketing communication with Workflows.
  • Automatic recording of marketing. correspondence and campaigns.
  • Easy to use marketing tools.
  • Analyse marketing campaign effectiveness.

Manage your team

  • Unique employee records
  • Paperless employee file management
  • Easily search across employee documentation
  • Track employee payroll information

Legal Practice Automation

  • Custom designed employee management workflow
  • Automate employment contracts, performance reviews & exit interview documentation

Clients who've upgraded to LawMaster

These are just some of the firms that have upgraded to the premier law practice technology.

How can the practice management centre improve my legal practice?
LawMaster's practice management module gives you complete integration across employee and department performance, marketing efforts, and client relationships. With this level of visibility and seamless functionality, each staff member will have the business intelligence they need to get the most out of their daily activities. 
Can I generate reports in the system?
Yes, LawMaster enables you to generate quality reports from up-to-date and comprehensive data and efficiently share these reports with appropriate staff members in a secure environment driving effective collaboration. 
How can I save time on repetitive tasks in my law practice?
's Our practice management centre is completely integrated with the rest of the system allowing for your firm's performance, activities, and achievements to be visible from one screen. Using this information you can use LawMaster's intelligent automation tools to reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks.