January 13 2021

How to start the New Year right in your legal practice

Every year, we rush to finish the most important work before the holiday season. As the year ends, especially after the year we had, we sigh with relief and fin...


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Every year, we rush to finish the most important work before the holiday season. As the year ends, especially after the year we had, we sigh with relief and finally relax.

While a New Year's break is an excellent opportunity to rest, it can be tough to get back to work when it's over.

Even though many people view January as the month to start something new, the lack of motivation is a common problem faced by law firms at the beginning of the year.

How can you get back on track after the holidays? Let's discuss a few simple yet highly effective methods.

1. Have Realistic Expectations

Coming back to work after the New Year's break is tough. Be ready for it. Don't expect everything to go smoothly the moment you return to the office. When you accept that you've got a tough week ahead, you can have an easier time dealing with it.

Don't plan to conquer the world right after hanging the new calendar. Leave it for later in the month.

2. Make a Plan

Motivation isn't like inspiration. Don't wait for it to come out of nowhere. Start your New Year with a plan. Be it a plan for the upcoming week, the next month or the entire year, it can help you return to the flow.

Taking things one step at a time is a wonderful way to start a tough day.

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Let's face it. It's virtually impossible to get through the holidays without overeating. Whether you've been to a couple of parties or binged on chips and coke in front of a TV, your body is begging for mercy.

Give yourself a fresh start with a healthy breakfast. Let it know that you are back to normal life.

4. Go to Sleep Early

A lack of sleep is one of the toughest problems to deal with after the holidays. Make it a rule to go to sleep one hour earlier during the first week after the break. By doing that, you can restore your forces and make early wake ups less painful.

After the week is up, you'll be back to your regular schedule.

5. Reward Yourself

Immersing yourself into work-related problems the second you enter the office is commendable but could lead to a quick burnout.

Come up with a way to reward yourself for excellent work during the first week after the break. Be it a few rounds of golf with friends or a shopping spree, everything is fair when you need to get back on track.

6. Enjoy the Process

First days after the break are always a little slower than the rest of the year. Try to dive into the work process and enjoy it. After all, there is a reason you're here in the first place, you love what you do.

Show everyone that the process is rewarding, and you'll have an easier time believing it.

7. Ask for Help or Delegate

If returning to the normal pace seems to be tougher than you expected, don't hesitate to ask for help. If you are overwhelmed with work the first week of January, there must be someone around who has some free time.

Delegation is the key to success. Especially, when you feel a lack of motivation after the holidays.

Final Thoughts

Starting the New Year with a bad mood at work could lead to serious consequences, including botched deadlines, unhappy clients, and confused co-workers. Your entire year may depend on how well you can deal with the lack of sleep, motivation, and inner power in January. Use the above tips to stay on top of your game.