March 06 2019

How Law Firms Can Help Graduate Lawyers Excel

LawMaster Marketing

Graduate lawyers have to quickly learn how to work with senior lawyers, build strong relationships with clients, and form trustworthy working relationships with their colleagues.

They have to learn to handle significant client-related tasks with little guidance. This means that having excellent written and oral communication skills and a high level of attention to detail are absolute musts. Memos, drafting, email, workloads, time sheets, deadlines, and reviews are all part of this new experience.

These graduates have to demonstrate that they are talented lawyers, and sometimes, they may feel as if one mistake could be the end for them. Trying to adapt to life in a modern law firm brings on stress, and this can undermine productivity and foster dissatisfaction in this new role.

Focus on Learning and Development 

Law firms that place a large emphasis on learning and development will help graduate lawyers not only develop their professional and technical skills; this also helps them develop and refine their practical skills: dealing with clients, cultivating relationships, etc.

Practical skills are the things that are not found in textbooks, and they are not taught at law school. These learning skills are necessary to become an accomplished lawyer, and as you probably know, there are a lot of things that are best learned through the patience, guidance, and shared wisdom of an experienced lawyer.

Mentoring is essential; especially for younger lawyers because it provides a sounding board where they can discuss the difficulties that any junior lawyer faces. There's always something new to be learned and a mentor can share stories with these graduates. They can include the techniques that they have found to be successful, and also acknowledge any mistakes that he or she has made.

The range of mentoring can vary because every encounter doesn't have to be a formal arrangement. Sometimes, something as simple as a one-off coffee meeting can be very effective. The internet is also a great place for mentoring, with many platforms connecting mentors with graduate lawyers remotely.

Practice Management Technology Can Help Them Become More Confident in Their Work.

Graduate lawyers can tackle their new responsibilities with more confidence when you provide technology that is designed to maximise efficiency and productivity.

At LawMaster, we know the importance of technology in the legal field. Our practice management technology is intelligent, integrated and will become an indispensable part of your legal practice. It makes quick work of administrative tasks and allows these graduates to get up to speed quickly.

PMS offers many useful tools and it becomes the central nervous system of your entire law firm. Our all-in-one solution organises your practice and manages all matter and case content across the firm. It keeps track of emails, documents, calendars, deadlines, time, contacts, billing, accounting, and much more. It streamlines daily tasks and workflows, and allows them to be stored and completed electronically.

All of your firm's activity will be visible in a single, centralised location. That's important because the easier it is for graduates to get the right information, the easier it is for them to do their jobs well.

Today's graduates embrace technology. They adapt well, and law firms will need to adapt in order to motivate and retain them.

Transitioning into a law firm should be an enjoyable learning experience, and young lawyers, in particular, are looking for a tool kit that will help them succeed. These graduate lawyers are in the third phase of their journey. They've completed law school, they've found a job, and now, they want to excel and impress. This is a nerve-wracking experience for them, and there is a lot of self-inflicted pressure.

Law firms can help them excel when they provide a working environment where there is genuine collaboration and support. This will help them learn and progress quickly. When law firms also harness the latest in technology, this makes these lawyers more productive and helps them complete their work faster.

These are the things that will give them confidence, and confidence is the most important characteristic any lawyer can have. Nothing is more important to their long-term success. Are you providing the right tool kit?