October 10 2018

How To Improve Your Internal Communication Performance

Technology should be brought into the equation in order to help with improving your internal communication. This will allow you to eliminate the paper trail tha...


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Technology should be brought into the equation in order to help with improving your internal communication. This will allow you to eliminate the paper trail that may be slowing down some of your productivity. Additionally, you can benefit from cloud computing and a significant amount of mobility.

LawMaster's Practice Management technology offers you a wide array of benefits. It provides you with up-to-date information about the performance and achievements of your firm. When every staff member is able to have greater visibility and functionality, it ensures that they have the business intelligence needed to move forward in a positive way.

Manage Client Relationships

Consider how you're managing client relationships right now – and more importantly, sharing client details. If you're depending too heavily on a paper trail still, you run the risk of details being lost. You should have a database that holds all of your clients. This also allows you to share that information with others on your team.

Improve HR Relations

Human resources may need to be the ones communicating the most. This includes information regarding training sessions, insurance options, as well as any disciplinary action taken in the office. You can't rely solely on paper memorandums any longer, which is why document control should be in effect, particularly as it pertains to policies and procedures.

When you choose to digitise your law firm, you offer up better tools for communicating. With the use of LawMaster, this includes document automation as well as an electronic mailroom – tools that you will grow to find invaluable within the day-to-day operations of your firm.

Provide Marketing Intelligence

There will be times when you market your firm. This might be done using all sorts of channels. When you have the right technology in place, you can get more intelligence on the campaigns that you're running. This also means learning more about your average client so that you can establish a better target demographic. Having up-to-date marketing intelligence can provide you with a better ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Allow for Flexibility

There may not be a reason for everyone to work from within the office at all times. If there are no meetings or client meetings, a lawyer or paralegal may feel more comfortable working remotely. If someone chooses to work from a café or even from home, they shouldn't be out of the loop in terms of office communications. They should be able to access the same amount of information and communication as everyone else.

In order to allow for flexibility, you need to be able to communicate electronically. This means introducing dashboards into the workplace for employees to see what's going on in real-time. Additionally, if you need to send out a message, it can be received in real-time, regardless of where someone might be.

Everyone within the firm should know what's going on with everyone else. You never know who will have a deeper insight into a case so that it can be shared with another lawyer. When there is a greater level of transparency, it will allow everyone to truly work as a team.

Regardless of how small or large your law firm is, you have to consider how you're currently communicating. Introducing the right technology will provide you with real-time reporting as well as an integrated solution that can make a considerable difference.

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