August 03 2022

10 Times Remote Access to my Practice Management System Saved Me!

Everything you need is right there in your pocket. It makes file retrieval so much easier, and replaces the need to go into the office for every single thing.

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Everything you need is right there in your pocket. It makes file retrieval so much easier, and replaces the need to go into the office for every single thing.

Here are 10 times mobile access to my practice management system saved me.

1. Need client's contact information

I'm driving over to the courthouse when I realise I need to confirm something with the client. Fortunately, remote access means that I can look up their address easily instead of calling into the practice and having someone look it up manually. The labour and time saving when you have remote access is priceless.

2. Need to review court documents

Cloud storage has been a lifesaver. Reviewing court documents is a snap now that there is remote access to all of my information. I can have any document I need at my fingertips in an instant.

3. Working in another city and need a file 

In the past, I'd have to go all the way back to the office, or have the documents sent by courier. Now, all I need to do is pull up the file. Remote access makes everything much less labour-intensive.

4. Paperless office

This may not immediately come to mind when considering a remote access management system, but all those files represent thousands of pieces of paper. There's no need to dig through all that paperwork when you can pull up a digital copy in moments from anywhere.

5. Billing

Accurate timekeeping and billing are much easier when it comes to a digital practice management system. I find this frees me up to do important work for my clients.

6. Matter Management

Everything I need is streamlined and in one place. It's like taking my office with me wherever I go. The efficiency is unparalleled, both for those who work at my office and for myself.

7. Managing multiple systems

I usually have several different systems on the go at one time, so having a practice management system in place is ideal for me. All of my resources are at my fingertips and I'm able to find everything I need in a matter of moments.

8. Remote Practice Management

I can manage my workflow as well as my entire practice remotely these days. There are ways to track the work I've done as well as streamlining the entire process for a more efficient outcome. 

9. Increase in Overall Performance

Since so many of the menial tasks in my practice have now become a part of the remote system, this allows for an increase in my performance and a decrease in busywork. Any law practice that would like to improve its ability to help clients would be well advised to try a system of this kind.

10. Moving into the Future

Everything is changing, and for the better. If we're seeing our homes become smarter, our cars help improve our driving and parking, even our refrigerators telling us whether food is out of date, the old office system is also becoming obsolete and a thing of the past. A remote practice management system brought my practice into the new millennium, leaving the old ways behind to merge with the new.

LawMaster is one option when looking for a legal practice management solution with remote access. You'll be surprised at how much time and energy you save with remote access to your practice management software, allowing you to focus on the most important thing: your clients. Contact us today.