We’ve recently released a White Paper that provides excellent information on some best-practice approaches to managing Class Actions in LawMaster.

Our Enterprise Legal Practice Management platform contains a broad range of features, offering effective Case Management support for large and complex Class and Group Action legal matters.

Using our fully integrated Practice Management, Matter Management, Financial Management and Document Management Centres, LawMaster offers a unique approach to managing all critical case information from one source of the truth. Our technology streamlines the process of managing the volume and complexity of information that comes with running a Class Action matter, making it indispensible to your firm.

The White Paper outlines the tools available within LawMaster that support the requirements of Class Actions, including having the ability to perform tasks in bulk on behalf of a large number of clients. The recent developments with our Client Portal and Integration Services solutions ensure that you have every tool you need to successfully manage these matters.

Of course, each Class Action has its own unique parameters. It’s always best to engage with LawMaster early in the process, so we help you maximise the technology and tools you have at your disposal. By doing this, you can focus on your legal performance, knowing that our technology is handling everything else.

To read the White Paper, or for more assistance in adopting the right strategies for managing Class Actions in your firm, please visit this page.