LawMaster is committed to delivering ongoing assistance that keeps you at the forefront of law management technology. We’ve expanded our team and restructured the way we respond to your enquiries. You’ll now find it easier and faster to get answers.

LawMaster Support has been renamed LawMaster Helpdesk. This is your first port of call for any query.  The Helpdesk will triage all ticket requests free of charge. Simple questions that can be answered by the Helpdesk, as well as fault resolutions, will be free of charge.

Requests for assistance that are more complex may be escalated to either Product Management or Client Services.

Submit all tickets via the LawMaster request system or call the Helpdesk on 1300 135 213.

How it works

All tickets submitted via one of these methods will be assigned a Ticket Number. They will be triaged free of charge before being assigned to the Helpdesk, Product Management or Client Services.


  • Triages and assigns all tickets free of charge
  • Responds to simple ‘how to’ questions on software functionality that can be answered within 10 minutes
  • Provides upgrade assistance, coordination and troubleshooting of faults and error messages

Product Management:

  • Handles triaged tickets relating to faults and errors
    • Tickets categorised as faults will be reviewed and managed as priority
    • Fault resolutions are free of charge
  • Handles triaged tickets relating to enhancements and custom development
    • Tickets categorised as enhancements will be reviewed free of charge
    • Will contact the client to advise if the enhancement will be considered for a future release
    • If a custom development is applicable, LawMaster will consider performing the enhancement on a fee basis

Client Services:

  • Handles triaged and more complex ‘how to’ questions relating to training and configuration, automation, system administration, accounts and infrastructure tickets or infrastructure environmental problems
    • These requests are usually referred to your Account Manager for evaluation and estimation
  • Provides consulting services such as data migrations and custom reporting
  • Advice and guidance on the refinement and improvement of workflow practices, and new and refresher training for Facilitators, Mentors and Operators on the core LawMaster technology.

Please note that the services above is not an exhaustive list, rather a snapshot of the various tasks and projects conducted by the Client Services team. These services are not included in the Helpdesk service guidelines and are individually estimated upon request.  All estimates require a written acceptance and payment by the client before any work is commenced.

More details and announcement of the Helpdesk effective date will soon be communicated.

If you need more information about LawMaster Helpdesk, Product Management or Client Services, please contact your Account Manager.