As you know, LawMaster underwent a comprehensive rebranding process during 2015. This was a pivotal event in our history, as it gave us a chance to assess how our company and technology has evolved, and to clarify our direction for the future. Our brand now reflects our premium position in the marketplace and how our technology helps our clients upgrade their law firm performance.

You’ve seen our new corporate identity rolled out over all our marketing collateral during the past 12 months. The last frontier is the LawMaster website! Our Marketing team has been working hard on this project as we lead up to the launch in the new year. The website will be activated in two phases:

Phase 1 – public-facing pages. This incorporates a full redesign of navigation and content. In response to client feedback, we are excited to announce that we will incorporate dedicated pages for White Papers and Case Studies. We’ll continue to build upon our existing library and share knowledge through industry content. We’ll also showcase some of our client success stories that illustrate specific results achieved by upgrading to LawMaster.

Phase 2 – Client Services Portal. A full redesign of this portal is planned. We’ll keep you updated with more information on this phase in coming months.