We’ve listened, and through the learnings and insights we’ve gained from our ongoing program of client collaboration, our development team has integrated many intelligent enhancements to help improve your firm’s performance.

Estonia’s most exciting features include our powerful new Dashboards and upgraded Cabinets. We’ve also enhanced our tools to import and export, options for saving and emailing LawMaster forms, and have improved support for Trust Account EFT. Estonia contains many other general enhancements and performance improvements.

Powerful Dashboards to Drive Firm Performance to New Levels

Turn information into insights, and insights into action to drive performance in your practice. Your decision-makers will be empowered with the business intelligence they need to analyse information meaningfully, and use it to drive successful outcomes. Delivered through our integration with Microsoft Power BI, Dashboards enables real-time access to rich and interactive visualisations of your LawMaster data

Building Sophisticated Briefs with Simplicity

It’s never been quicker or easier to collate briefs, court books and discovery in LawMaster. Take a paperless approach to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Cabinets are a well-used feature of LawMaster, but in Estonia, we’ve taken it to the next level by enhancing its functionality and flexibility. Cabinets are now easier to create, easier to manage and more flexible to export.

Ready to upgrade to Estonia?

We’re here to help. A complete user guide summary is available on LawMaster’s Knowledge Base, accessible through the Help menu. Select the Estonia Summary to find user-level tips and tricks as well as helpful screenshots outlining the changes in this release.

To read the full Release Announcement, please click here.

Your Account Manager can help with any enquiries, implementation advice and configuration to your firm’s needs. Contact LawMaster to begin your upgrade to Estonia.

Electronic Signage Integration

Our development team has been working on a Document Signing solution with DocuSign through Infotrack’s SignIT product. Through the development process, there were some issues with the Infotrack integration, and this has meant we have not been able to include this feature in the Estonia release as we had initially planned. The good news, though, is that the issues with the Infotrack integration have been resolved and we have recommenced development. We hope to provide this feature to interested clients as part of an Estonia R2 release. Stay tuned.