In this edition, we cover these intuitive features:

  • Split Folios
  • Compare Folios

Split Folios:

Did you know that the Split Folio(s) function can also be used to combine? Output can be saved as a new Folio within or outside of LawMaster. To operate on more than one Folio, just highlight the multiple folios before choosing Split Folio(s).





Compare Folios:

 With LawMaster, you can send a draft of a document to a client or another matter party. You can make changes to the document without turning on Word’s Tracking functionality. LawMaster intuitively compares Word documents via (Folios) > Context Menu > Compare Folios, simplifying the process and saving you time.

  • Create the first draft and send it to another party or contact
  • Open the returned version from the email in Word
  • Open the LawMaster Floating File note and save the open Word document


  • Two versions of the document are saved. It’s not necessary to create different versions of the folios to use the Compare Folios functionality, but it’s a useful tool to track the different versions through the matter.


  • Highlight version two first, and then your original document using Ctrl + Click, right click and find Compare Folios.


  • This gives you the option to save the result as a Folio, and to open the result if you choose.
  • Opening the result will display a compared version in the middle of the screen, the original in the top right and revised version in the bottom right. Changes can be made to the compared version and on closing this, the changes will be automatically saved to LawMaster.


  • You’ll now have a third document that’s named by the system as ‘Output’ comparing folios 123 and 456 (date and time). From here, you can ‘Modify this Folio’ to rename it something more meaningful and mark it as version three of the previous Folios.


  • You’ll be able to work with the different versions – wherever they are found!