We are fast approaching 31st March 2019 – the expiry date of LawMaster’s blanket deferral from the ATO. This means that all LawMaster payroll clients classified as a ‘substantial employer’ (20 employees or more) must have upgraded to Sweden and transitioned to STP to start reporting to the ATO before then.

If your firm is unable to start reporting to the ATO before the 31st March, then you will need to lodge an employer deferral request directly with the ATO to request more time.

Employers with an employee headcount of less than 20 are due to start STP reporting as of the 1st July 2019. (This legislation has just been passed in Parliament and has since received royal assent.) The ATO has advised that they will soon start communicating with small employers to indicate that they can begin their STP reporting as soon as their software provider is STP ready. As Sweden is STP-compliant, if you have already upgraded to this LawMaster release, then your firm can commence reporting to the ATO before 1st July 2019.

LawMaster is committed to helping you transition to STP. You can view useful STP Resources in the LawMaster Knowledge Base, and you can find ATO STP Assistance on the ATO website. We have also developed an STP Upgrade Package to help LawMaster clients with the implementation of STP. For more information about this package, or for more general STP enquiries or assistance, contact your Account Manager.