When Covid struck last year and forced the country into lockdown, LawMaster’s Client Success Team was in the middle of several client implementations. They had to quickly adapt to the changing landscape and reassess their implementation training and Go Live approach. LawMaster being a cloud-hosted solution made adapting to this challenge easier because it enables simple and efficient access to client databases and documents.

With everyone working remotely, our team adopted Zoom and Teams for remote training sessions and restructured these into manageable 1.5-hour blocks that clients could more easily schedule around working-from-home distractions, like home schooling and pets.

Our team realised that flexibility was key to the success of the training and ultimately the implementation. At the commencement of each day, our trainers would check that the proposed schedule still suited the attendees, or if they needed to reschedule the session.

Clients being located in different time zones was another challenge facing our team. Unable to bring everyone together onsite, we needed to be flexible to accommodate clients working remotely in all locations, including Western Australia and New Zealand.

Here are two of our learnings from remote online training:

  1. Remote training encourages attendees to gain confidence by trying things themselves, asking questions, and communicating ideas and suggestions once they’ve become familiar with the software.
  2. The Go Live process can pose some challenges because the LawMaster Client Success Team isn’t there in person to help with any questions. To offset this, we offered remote access to both our Client Success and HelpDesk Teams. This additional remote support helped greatly by providing team members with fast and responsive answers to any issues.

While some law firms have now returned to their office locations, many lawyers are still working from home on a rotational basis. Some firms have even decided to relinquish their office space altogether and become a completely virtual firm, meaning that remote implementations and training are here to stay.

If your firm is interested in LawMaster remote training sessions, just contact your Account Manager.