We are excited to be launching our Portugal release in mid December. You will be able to access the full release notes about the new features and upgrades from the LawMaster Knowledge Base, but until then, here’s a collection of the highlights:

Document Management

A number of usability features have been added to the grid and sub tabs:

  • You can now save the grid layout on the sub tabs. This enhancement means you can display the most important data at the beginning of your list of columns, remove columns that are not so relevant and save this format.
  • You can also now set the default tab in the sub tabs area. If you prefer, set the ‘preview’ tab as the default and this will always display on opening. This setting is also available in the Deeds Enquiry and Subject Files.
  • Our new ‘Convert to PDF’ function in the context menu in Folios converts most file types including Word documents or emails to PDF.
  • We’ve upgraded the Advanced Search platform enabling the ability to expand this functionality in future releases.


Cabinets is one of LawMaster’s most popular and well-used features, and Portugal sees even more upgrades:

  • A new column has been added to the Folios screen that displays a visual indicator associating the folio with a Cabinet. Additionally, a tab for Cabinets has been added to the Folio sub tabs, displaying the Cabinets that the folio is associated to. You can also connect to the Cabinet directly from the sub tab.
  • From within Cabinets, we’ve added a new ‘search by Folio’ function. This displays all the Cabinets associated with the one folio. Within the Cabinet Items window, we’ve also included the Add to New or Existing Cabinets for selected items.
  • You can now drag and drop a file directly into a Cabinet from File Explorer or Outlook and it will be saved both as a folio and in the Cabinet. This is a great new feature that makes adding files to Cabinets from multiple sources much faster and easier.
  • File names can be defined when you export Cabinet items or folios, rather than just using the default format set in the System parameters.

Bill Clause Formatting

A new rich text editor has been introduced to format Bill Clauses:

  • Just press F10 in the Bill Clause field to open a window where you can format the text by selecting a different font, adding bullet points, defining the spacing etc. This formatted bill clause is merged directly into the Bill form.

Email Auto Sync

We’ve extended the functionality and performance of the Email Auto Sync feature in Portugal:

  • Once enabled in the Parameters, the Administrator can now set the Outlook Synchronisation on a per-user level.
  • Depending on the needs of the user, the sync can be set for Inbox, Sent Items, Inbox and Sent Items or Disabled if the user does not wish to sync emails.

Security Enhancements

As part of our ongoing security enhancement program, in Portugal we’ve introduced a range of enhancements to secure and protect your LawMaster data. System Administrators have the ability to:

  • Set the minimum length of passwords
  • Define the password strength borders for Weak/Moderate and Moderate/Strong. New passwords cannot be set if they are determined as Weak. Users will see a visual indicator of the password strength when they add or modify their password.
  • Password encryption has also been strengthened.

To implement the new password policies the System Administrator can force password changes by setting the password expiry parameter.

Setting time limits for how long the payroll session is inactive is now possible. If there is no activity in the session after a nominated time period, users will need to enter their password and 2-factor authentication again to continue using payroll. You can also set an absolute timeout setting for a defined number of hours.

The NZ Investment Income Reporting now reports Joint Investors.

This report now includes reporting of child investors:

  • This relates to joint investors where one person is nominated as the parent investor and the remaining investors are the child investors.