A couple of months ago we introduced the new LawMaster request system. We hope you are enjoying the benefits the new system offers as much as we are. Submitting requests online is proving to be easier and more efficient for all of our clients, and it’s a much faster way for us to assign requests to the right team members.

You can log a request by completing an online form at https://helpdesk.lawmaster.com.au/. It’s a good idea to save this to save this link in your favourites in LawMaster.

On-line chat replaces email requests

We’ve also introduced an on-line chat function to our Helpdesk. This upgrade enables you to chat to one of our helpdesk staff members in real-time. Just select the red icon at the bottom right-hand side of the online form.

PLEASE NOTE: This new feature replaces submitting requests via the helpdesk@lawmaster.com.au email address. This email address won’t be monitored regularly, so please ensure you take advantage of our faster and easier online request system.