In this edition of Insight, we’re featuring the New Client Enquiry (NCE) tool that offers law firms incredible efficiencies. To demonstrate just how intelligent and powerful NCE is, we’re showcasing Attwood Marshall’s successful and award-winning implementation of this feature.

Attwood Marshall, an all services law firm with offices in Coolangatta, Kingscliff, Robina Town Centre and Brisbane, places high importance on managing enquiries from either new or existing clients. They practice in both QLD and NSW and receive many enquiries through their website. Wanting to streamline this non-billable process as much as possible, they eagerly adopted NCE when it was first released by LawMaster in 2010.

They incorporated NCE into their tailored workflows, which not only dramatically reduced manual data entry by automatically populating relevant details, but also allowed them to effectively measure the success of their marketing efforts. The tool enabled the outcome of each enquiry to be tracked and rated.

When Attwood Marshall introduced Live Chat on their website, their Department Managers faced a large increase in new client enquiries, which in turn, greatly increased the amount of non-billable work. They integrated their existing workflow with the online marketing tool, Vision 6. With this integration, the information entered through LawMaster’s NCE generated the relevant communication to be sent to the new client. Response times were significantly improved, leading to a more successful new-client experience with the firm.

To further enhance the efficiency of new client enquiries, Attwood Marshall instigated a pre-chat questionnaire in Live Chat, so that each enquiry could be delegated to the appropriate Department Manager. LawMaster’s advanced integration enabled full connection between Live Chat and NCE. With just one click, all the details captured in the pre-chat questionnaire and Live Chat populate automatically in NCE, and the NCE workflow triggers the Vision 6 process.

Attwood Marshall is experiencing their highest number of new client enquiries, but they are managing them faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Because of the seamless API integration between LawMaster, Live Chat and Vision 6, Attwood Marshall has enhanced their customer service, streamlined processing and reporting, and avoided the cost of employing extra staff to handle enquiries.

We’ll be releasing a full Case Study detailing more about Attwood Marshall’s implementation of New Client Enquiry in the near future. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

To find out about using NCE in your firm, speak to your Account Manager.

A huge congratulations to Attwood Marshall!

The Chilli IQ Lawtech Summit was held on Thursday 7 September. In very exciting news, Attwood Marshall collected two prestigious awards at this event. The firm came Runner Up in the People’s Choice Award for their Live Chat integration. Their Practice Manager, Kerry Le Strange, also won Team Leader of the Year!

LawMaster congratulates Attwood Marshall on their awards. We are extremely proud that our technology was a contributing factor in these fantastic achievements.