Marketing Intelligence

Marketing can be an expensive exercise and particularly costly if your strategies are poorly planned. LawMaster offers a solution that allows you to classify your contacts, plan your strategy and then execute your plan using the Task Management system. Reports are available that will provide you with the necessary information to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This is an invaluable tool for amending and creating lucrative strategies.

The marketing function of LawMaster is simple and easy to use as it works in conjunction with the rest of the system. For instance, an address used for an entity will be the same throughout the database, therefore, any changes to this entity will be saved in every facet of the system. The automated processes extend to marketing communications, during mail outs data will automatically save to each entity and be available for future reporting. The ability to specify or “opt in” for electronic direct marketing is available as an attribute; this allows clients to choose to be included in certain selective mail outs such as newsletters.

The marketing function also extends to include unique marketing matters that are designed to track budgets and costs of an event being organised. Once the event has taken place attendance is captured and specific attributes can be established for the entities.