Legal Workflow and Task Management

Increasing productivity is an excellent way of reducing costs in order to increase profit. Procedures and templates are often used to accomplish this, however, fall short of making a palpable difference. LawMaster is the solution to take your procedures and templates to the next level and increase your productivity enormously. Workflow automation is a powerful event-driven module in which user’s action predetermined tasks. These tasks are highly intelligent using chosen variables to automatically merge documents when required or to prompt users to action the next task in the workflow.

Minimal input is required and workflows are able to be completed from a single screen further saving time. This includes billing and costing; once the bill stage is reached users can action the task which will automatically produce the bill. Workflow development is highly sophisticated yet so easy to operate. LawMaster technology is capable of undertaking highly complex calculations and using simple yet powerful scripting language with extremely rich function and variable sets.