How to Set Max Records

Did you know that you can manually increase the number of records shown per screen in LawMaster? By clicking on the ‘Set Max Records’ option, you can temporarily increase the records from the default of 100 records. This is especially useful if you are navigating across different matters and screens in the one day. Max records can be set on a grid by grid basis or across LawMaster for the day through File > Set Max Records.

If you’re wondering why the default is set to a max of 100 records, it’s because this limit aids the efficiency of the system, increasing the speed of the data load within the screen.

Tips & Tricks Max Records

Is it time to freshen things up? Set a new LawMaster Theme

You can now choose from some additional Themes in LawMaster, with the upgrade to Dev-Express in Sweden. Whether you want to reflect a seasonal opportunity by applying the Springtime, Summer or Xmas Themes, or set different colour Themes to make it easier to differentiate a test or training database from your LawMaster production database, these new Themes are a great way to give your LawMaster a fresh, new look.

Just update your Theme in the 00-THEME Parameter in the par_details_1 field. There are more than 16 new ones to choose from, including these:


Springtime Theme 1

Springtime Theme 2


Sharp Theme 1 Sharp Theme 2