What does your role entail?

As a Help Desk Analyst, I’m the first point of contact for LawMaster clients who have any technical issues with the software. I respond to calls, emails and HelpDesk tickets, quickly analyse the issue and the impact it might be having, and then use my strong technical and customer service skills to resolve it in the best possible way.

How do you enjoy helping clients?

I understand that technical issues can be frustrating for clients and are an interruption to their daily duties. I put myself in their shoes, keep them updated on progress and take ownership of solving the issue as quickly as possible so they can get back to business as usual. I find this aspect of my job really rewarding.

In what way do you do that?

I perform initial triage by reviewing the technical and non-technical aspects of the issue. Whenever possible, I resolve the ticket myself, but if it does need escalating, I refer it to the relevant LawMaster team. I still like to follow up on all tickets that come across my desk, so that I can keep all clients up-to-date and informed.

How do you approach your role?

A good HelpDesk Analyst needs a combination of technical and soft skills. I possess strong technical knowledge about the LawMaster technology, and I always strive to deliver exceptional customer service through effective and regular communication.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love that I’m learning new things all the time and building on my knowledge base. I also enjoy that as a team, we are implementing continual improvement in our technology and service. My favourite part, though, is receiving positive feedback from clients.

If you had a recommendation for LawMaster clients, what would it be?

First, I would remind all LawMaster clients that we are always here to help. Second, to ensure we can deliver the best and fastest resolution for any issue, I would remind them to provide as much detail and information as possible when submitting their Help Ticket. This helps avoid any wasted time.