GlobalX is proudly Australia’s most comprehensive provider of information, delivering seamless access to 2,000+ Land & Property, Company & Business and Personal information searches.

Searching with GlobalX guarantees many benefits for your firm including seamless integration with leading practice and document management systems, saving your firm money with no subscription or sign-up fees and a Lowest Price Guarantee, and complimentary training and support.

Land and Property Information

We’ll save you time with our pre-populating order forms and live-to-you land and property information, all returned to your designated Document Management System.

Company and Business Information

GlobalX’s user-friendly ASIC and PPSR searches ensure you conduct your due-diligence with confidence and ease and deliver you comprehensive reports in a single document.

We are constantly working on new enhancements and features to ensure the best possible experience for the 8,000+ legal and conveyancing practitioners who us GlobalX Search daily.

See LawMaster’s seamless integration with GlobalX Search LIVE in action on Tuesday 27 March at 11 am AEDT. Click here to register.

For any questions about GlobalX Search, contact us on 1300 885 662.

GlobalX is proud to partner with LawMaster to offer seamless search integration and productivity solutions for LawMaster users. The integration allows you to access GlobalX Search without having to leave LawMaster. Additionally, LawMaster users will have access to all the latest product features and enhancements within GlobalX Search. All searches done via GlobalX return directly to your Document Management system, giving you easy access to information when you need it.