The Express Viewer was introduced in the Isabis release of LawMaster and has been very well received by our community of users. The Express Viewer is an in-application reader that allows the user to quickly read through multiple matter folios of varying file types such as docx. xlsx. & pdf within the one window.

Users don’t need to open each documents’ native application which dramatically improves the speed of viewing folio attachments, increasing productivity and efficiency. Users can easily manage their own folio display with our new toggle on/toggle off option in the Express Viewer Preview Pane.

Because this feature bypasses the native applications, it won’t display the full fidelity rendering but rather a preview pane. Tracked changed or watermarks won’t be displayed on Word documents in Express Viewer, and only the first sheet of an Excel Workbook will be displayed.

We strongly recommend that the folio viewer be utilised as a ‘read only’, and that all documents are distributed or submitted for final review within their native application.

There’s more information about this intelligent feature in the LawMaster Knowledge Base.