We are pleased to announce that the Estonia Release is now available!

This release contains some excellent new features that promise to soon become indispensable to your firm. We’ve listened, and through the learnings and insights we’ve gained from our ongoing program of client collaboration, our development team has integrated many intelligent enhancements to help improve your firm’s performance.

Estonia’s most exciting features include our powerful new Dashboards and upgraded Cabinets. We’ve also enhanced our tools to import and export, options for saving and emailing LawMaster forms, and have improved support for Trust Account EFT.

Highlights of these features and other general enhancements are detailed below.

A complete user guide summary is available on LawMaster’s Knowledge Base, accessible through the Help menu. Select the Estonia Summary to find user-level tips and tricks as well as helpful screenshots outlining the changes in this release. The software downloads and full release notes are now available via the Client Service Centre.

To take full advantage of the Estonia Release, contact your Account Manager now to arrange an upgrade.

Building Sophisticated Briefs with Simplicity

It’s never been quicker or easier to collate briefs, court books and discovery in LawMaster. Take a paperless approach to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Cabinets are a well-used feature of LawMaster, but in Estonia, we’ve taken it to the next level by enhancing its functionality and flexibility. Cabinets are now easier to create, easier to manage and more flexible.

Easier to Create

  • Just use the right-click context menu from the Folio screen to add selected Folios to a New or Existing Cabinet.
  • You can Multi-select folios to Cabinets.
  • Improved consistency across the folio and cabinet item context menus.

Easier to Manage

  • The new Full Folio Viewing experience makes all Folio Columns and Preview available for Cabinet items. You can customise and save the format of the grid as you can with other grid windows.
  • The new concept of Cabinet Sections make it easy to group and manage your Cabinet Items.
  • Add Cabinet items to a new section, existing sections or add to section based on ‘Info Type’ and LawMaster will suggest the name of the section.
  • You can quickly order the sections and items within the sections.

 More Flexible on Export

  • Using your Cabinet Sections, you can now create an indented and paginated Index page on Cabinet Export.
  • Index pages can be configured to appear at a certain point within the brief. Append your brief with cover letters and instructions without disrupting your paginated index.
  • Manage the whole process within LawMaster, and without the need for additional pdf software.
  • This functionality enables your firm to achieve a paperless status. You can electronically manage documents, compile the brief and then share with Barristers via the Client Portal.

Save Time and Improve Quality with Enhanced Import and Export Tools

Estonia brings together a range of new or updated tools that save time and reduce double handling of data, making it easier to import information to, and export information from, LawMaster.

Some of these include:

Configure File Names when Exporting Folios or Cabinet Items

  • Using Folio or Cabinet variables, configure the File Name when exporting a Cabinet Item or Folio to a file directory.
  • Choose meaningful files names based on the precis and other variables. This reduces intermediary processing previously handled by administration staff.

Import Receipts & Payments

  • Our enhanced tools upgrade the way you can import Receipts and Payments from Excel into LawMaster:
  • Import both trust and general receipts into LawMaster, as well as both trust and matter payments.
  • Use these imports for receipt or payment data received in bulk by another organisation.

Matter Attribute Import

  • This powerful new tool lets you bulk upload Matter Attributes from Excel\CSV, keeping your Matter Data up-to-date.
  • This import feature can be used in many ways, such as:
    • Importing results from external data sources or web form data capture.
    • Importing results from a survey as matter attributes.
    • Cleansing matter attribute data in LawMaster.
    • Importing attributes feeding into reports.

Upgraded Forms Features to Streamline Billing & Debtors

Improve the quality of your communications when distributing LawMaster Forms documents. Customisable email subject, attachment name, and message body provide clarity and context to saved and sent forms.

  • Use relevant Form fields to configure a standard Folio Precis and Folio Override File Name for saved Forms.
  • You can also configure the Attachment File Name, Email Subject and Email Body for Emailed Forms.
  • Through the Forms Enquiry window, a new button has been added to Edit Forms called ‘Set Templates’. The variables available for that form are clearly displayed for both the folio and email templates.
Document Management

Simplified Management of Trust Account EFT

LawMaster’s Trust Accounting functionality has been upgraded in Estonia to provide enhanced support for EFT transactions, including:

  • The sequencing of EFT Payment numbers for each bank account.
  • Implemented EFT Payment requisitions improving compliance with EFT payments made from a trust account.

Other Enhancements for your Firm

Estonia contains many other improvements that will benefit your firm, including:

  • A Bill Detail Report that can be run by date range or accounting period provides a quick in grid view for Lawyers and Management to access client bills with ease.
  • Each user can now have their own username and password for authenticating with Integrated Search providers.
  • Additional Entity fields can be configured as mandatory fields.
  • An Unlock User Account option is now available on suspended user accounts.
  • Folio Word in Text Search will now return results from the File Override Name.
  • Improved reliability of End-of-Month Processing.

Fixes and Performance Enhancements

The Estonia Release includes performance improvements and fixes including:

  • The introduction of Outlook Add-in Safe Mode to work around issues experienced with sending Folio attachments.
  • Performance improvements when generating Debtor Statements.
  • The issue with Folio viewer not showing tabs for large email attachments has now been rectified.
  • The issue with DX Addressee not merging correctly has now been rectified.

Ready to upgrade to Estonia?

We’re here to help. More information on the Estonia Release, including Software Downloads and Release Notes, can be found in the Client Service Centre. We would encourage you to review the information available on the Knowledge Base, which is accessible from the LawMaster Help menu.

Your Account Manager can help with any enquiries, implementation advice and configuration to your firm’s needs. Contact LawMaster to begin your upgrade to Estonia.