LawMaster has been adding to our existing Standard Content packages to offer firms more options to streamline the creation of documents and precedents.

Our full catalogue now includes:

  • Queensland Residential Conveyancing (QRC)
  • Queensland Personal Injury including Motor Vehicle Accident (QPIM) & Superannuation (QPIS)
  • Queensland Estate Planning (QEP)
  • Queensland Probate (QPRO)
  • Queensland DNRM (Titles) Forms
  • Queensland UCPRQ Forms
  • Queensland Family Violence Forms
  • New South Wales Estate Planning (NEP)
  • New South Wales Probate, Letters of Administration & Informal Estate (NPLE)
  • New South Wales Conveyancing Sale (NCS)
  • New South Wales Conveyancing Purchase (NCP)
  • New South Wales UCPR Forms
  • New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission Forms
  • Western Australian Family Law Forms
  • Federal Family Law Forms
  • Federal Bankruptcy Forms

These packages are designed to help firms save time and money by automating the creation of documents and precedents using workflow. They are fast to use and eliminate the need to create forms from scratch. The step-by-step process also means that junior staff can handle this work with less supervision.

You can also choose our non-automated packages that contain the templates only. In this version, the templates will open in the matter and be saved as a folio. This saves valuable time searching for the most up-to-date documents online and manually downloading. We recommend that firms opt for the minimum training offered for each Standard Content package, so that the process and level of automation is fully understood.

Speak with your Account Manager for more information.