LawMaster launched Dashboards about four years ago, but there are still some clients who are yet to implement this sophisticated reporting tool. Here’s a reminder of how Dashboards can make a powerful difference to your firm.

As a special offer, we are offering a 40% discount off the installation price during April and May!

Dashboards is a rich and interactive Business Intelligence solution that empowers your decision-makers with the information required to drive firm performance to new levels.

Delivered through enhanced integration with Microsoft Power BI, Dashboards has consolidated graphical representation, displaying information that is up-to-date and accessible from within LawMaster, a web browser, tablet, smartphone and even an Apple Watch.

LawMaster’s suite of standard Dashboards is specifically designed for today’s law firms and makes analysing information easier when measuring Enquiry, Matter, Financial and Process performance. These Dashboards can be extended and customised to focus on measurements that are critical to your firm.

Each dashboard has interactive analysis and drill-down capabilities, making the core data simple to review, analyse and interpret.

Dashboards security is strong, yet flexible, and can be managed both from LawMaster and Power BI to provide the right information to the right people in your firm. If applicable, access can also be granted to third parties, so your clients or barristers can view data that’s relevant to them.

During April and May, all LawMaster clients can access a 40% discount off the installation price of LawMaster Dashboards. Speak to your Account Manager today to find out how to take advantage of this offer!