Upgrade to LawMaster’s Legal Billing Solutions

Chasing debtors is a time-consuming task that often becomes frustrating and expensive. LawMaster’s costing and billing solution will remove all of that. All contact and collection activities including debt collection costs, fees or disbursements are recorded in the one legal software system. A comprehensive debtors screen will display this data in a clear and simple format giving users all the information they need at a glance. Debts and receivables can also be tracked “off ledger” on a separate module which means collection activities can be recorded whilst not affecting the firm’s internal accounts.

Reports can be run on a client or a debt utilising LawMaster’s intelligent reporting tools. Using LawMaster for debt collection activities allows personalised workflows to be developed which will ensure rigour and drive results. These workflows can include reminders that will prompt users to take action or events that will provide a standard procedure to follow on a debt collection matter. LawMaster’s integrated, comprehensive and easy to follow solutions for debt collection will save you valuable time and money.