Just over a year ago, at our 30-year anniversary celebration, I revealed that our parent company was changing from LawMaster Software Development to Mastrin – Master Integrators, with the LawMaster technology our premium software product.

Over the past three decades, our central ethos has been designing creative, innovative and simple technological solutions; and providing a blue-ribbon level of customer service. This latest evolution of our brand has refocused our commitment to these key principles.

While we continue to evolve and grow, we have undergone some important changes as a company. We have restructured some departments to align with our future direction, and we have consolidated LawMaster by bringing all the teams together in one central location at our Brisbane office in New Farm.

Our street and postal addresses are now:

• 76 Merthyr Road, New Farm, Qld 4005
• PO Box 793, New Farm Qld 4005

We’ve made some exciting and positive changes to the way we structure our Engagement, Services and Helpdesk delivery for our clients. Our Client Services Team has merged with the Account Management Team and is now known as the Client Success Team, headed up by David Cowburn as General Manager – Client Success. In addition to managing some key accounts, David will oversee all project management, scheduling of implementation and services requests (including training, consulting & the enhanced use of LawMaster). This role will enable him to optimise all processes, from the initial client request through to service delivery. David’s vast knowledge and experience in LawMaster will help us continue to improve our operational management, driving even better levels of service for our clients.

We’re extremely excited about the year ahead, especially with the imminent launch of mattero – ground zero for matters.

As the company continues to expand in response to our clients’ needs, our future focus will be providing solutions that help firms manage the entire business of law.