Case Management, also known as Matter Management performs all matter related work efficiently and within one single location.

With LawMaster perform any matter work such as creating documents or calling your client whilst automatically saving this to the matter. Storing all case information allows users to easily search and retrieve any electronic or hard copy records stored in the file. This storage method saves time and is extremely effective to ensure important documents are never lost. Time efficiencies are also produced when using workflow. Workflow uses a predetermined set of tasks which will automatically action each task in succession. It is a fast systematic approach to routine work such as conveyancing and in addition can be set up for more complex tasks.

In conjunction with this the Diary and Bring Up functions provide a foolproof system of prompts that can be linked to a matter; consequently important dates are never missed. Once work is complete on a matter there are integrated and flexible options for billing. The flexibility in billing allows aspects of a bill to be withheld, if billing occurs in stages or if non-billable work is done by another party.