The Canada R2 was released in early May and included enhancements for all LawMaster clients, as well as some specifically for our clients across the Tasman.

Further streamlining of the Email Management Cycle
In our previous Sweden release, we streamlined the Email Management Cycle, but we’ve taken this a step further in Canada R2. It’s now far easier to identify whether an email has already been saved to LawMaster as a folio. Custom properties are automatically added to an Outlook email when a folio is created through Drag & Drop or the Floating File Note option. This enhancement will save you valuable time.

Auto Check-in of PDF files
In Canada R2, we now have the Auto Check-in of PDF files as well as a faster way to finalise documents. These time-saving usability features save your users from processing extra and unnecessary clicks.

New features for New Zealand clients
LawMaster has introduced specific features to Canada R2 to meet New Zealand’s regulatory requirements, including:

– Support for the NZ IRD Tax Reform changes
– A New Zealand Dictionary for all modules where the Spell Check function is available
– Additional Particulars and Analysis fields to the Add/Modify Requisition Window
– The ability to draw on funds from an Investment Account during the requisition process

Full details on these and many other enhancements are available in the Canada R2 release notes and in the Canada R2 Product Release Highlights Webinar. You can access both of these resources at any time through the LawMaster Knowledge Base.

To start your upgrade journey to Canada R2, log a ticket with the LawMaster Helpdesk and your Client Success Manager will be in touch to organise.