The Canada release will be launching in the coming weeks. We’re always striving to improve your user experience, and this release contains a range of upgrades to LawMaster’s systems.

First, we’re delighted to announce that LawMaster is now included on the NSW Law Society Trust Certification Register. As a result, we’ve added some new key features to Trust Accounting. Unprotected funds will now be displayed in the Matter Financial Summary tab from the ‘Available Funds’ field, which has been added to the Trust section under Cleared Funds. In addition, a Trust Requisition can now be raised against protected funds without having to transfer to the Firm Fund.

Canada also includes several upgrades to our integration with GlobalX and SAI to help you get the most out of your integrated searches. Where there are multiple SAI search transactions on one search order, a separate Search Record, Cost Record and Folio Record will be recorded for each search transaction. GlobalX searches now return more meaningful searches with greater detail in the Search Record Description and other fields.

We’ve made it easier to keep track of your team and what they can access with Security Classes now being maintained in a Reference table. For each Security Class Code, System Admins will now be able to easily manage and reference the configuration of complex security groups within LawMaster.

Some Bank Reconciliation processes have also been improved. You will now have the ability to reconcile from the Bank Statement Closing Balance, select existing transactions as adjustments for the Purpose of Trust Reconciliation, and print the Bank Reconciliation Report from Present Items Module.

Sweden saw the introduction of custom properties in Word documents, and this functionality has been further enhanced in Canada. We’ve transitioned to the Open XML standard and this has increased the speed of the merge. We’ve also added new custom document properties for the File Type and File Number for the saved folio record.

All of these enhancements have been designed to streamline existing processes and provide an even more integrated, functional and intuitive user experience. More detailed information on the enhanced features in Canada will be distributed in the Release Notes in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the Release Announcement and speak to your Account Manager to upgrade to Canada and keep your firm at the forefront of the legal industry.